Six Players The Wolves Could Take With The 19th Pick In The NBA Draft

The buzz around the NBA draft this summer in Minnesota has been unusually muted, because it’s only the second time in 18 years that the team has been drafted outside the lottery.

But at 19th overall, the Wolves will have plenty of options, and high-profile NBA practice drafts around the country have taken notice. Here’s a selection of those who think they might be available to Minnesota when the draft starts on June 23rd.

ESPN.comStory: Walker Kessler, Auburn, C

  • “For a Minnesota team looking to take the next step in defense, the NCAA Defensive Player of the Year selection could make sense, even if it means Kessler will play alongside super-skilled 7-foot Karl-Anthony Towns. … Kessler is a solid offensive presence with his ability to catch hard passes, score balls, complete touches around the basket and make good decisions from short shots, which should make him a good offensive player in Minnesota.”

Ringer: Tai Tai Washington, Kentucky, G

  • “D’Angelo Russell is under scrutiny, so it makes sense for the Timberwolves to target the punch maker with this pick. Tai Tai and Karl-Anthony Towns could make a deadly pick-and-roll pairing, and with Anthony Edwards looking like a playoff (and movie) superstar Fuss) Minnesota will be equipped with a dynamic attack. Whatever Russell brings back in exchange will only further strengthen their roster.”

sports illustrations: Kennedy Chandler, Tennessee, G

  • “Maybe Minnesota wants to go down a bit to acquire other assets, but if he gets to the top of their draft board, Kennedy Chandler could be the perfect sports quarterback for this team. The year-old quarterback is a versatile playmaker who isn’t afraid to create opportunities for others. He barely turned the ball into Tennessee and is great with the ball, which makes Chandler a good player in Minnesota, where Karl-Anthony Towns and Jarred Vanderbilt always set up screens to help their team slide to the basket.

Sat nation: Blake Wesley, Notre Dame, G

  • “Minnesota has a powerful 1-2 hit with Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards, but their experiment with D’Angelo Russell was not as successful as they had hoped. In a draft class that lacks burst shotmakers, Wesley proved an unlikely favorite as Notre Dame’s offensive engine. Wesley can usually get everything he wants with a killer first step, but his finish needs improvement.” Ousmane Dieng, France, G/F

  • “Usman Dieng is the definition of a high ceiling low floor perspective… The sky is the limit, but if raised too high it can fall through the floorboards just as easily… The French wing certainly passes the eye test, being a smooth hitter with good size and length, being able to either score or create opportunities for his teammates.”

CBS Sports: Wesley

  • The Minnesota need help on the flank (don’t they all?), and I really like that Wesley fits here, even though he is slightly lower in the ratings of many experts. and playmaking that he won’t have to do in the NBA – at least not in the beginning.”

NBC Sports: E. J. Liddell, Ohio State, PF

  • “Junior on Ohio Street, Liddell improved his skills significantly in all three years at school. Now he is a legitimate outside threat that can play on dribble and has advanced fade wave in the mids. Liddell is quick up and down the court, with a strong build at 6’7″. He also blocks 2.5 shots per game. What he has shown so far, getting much better every year, should be a great sign for any team that picks him.”

It is worth noting that the recent election history at number 19 overall has a solid track record including Avery Bradley (2010), Tobias Harris (2011), Gary Harris (2014), Malik Beasley (2016) , John Collins (2017), Kevin Huerter (2018) and Saddiq Bey (2020).

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