Shocking reviews could ruin Netflix India series

Bad reviews for the new season could hurt the chances of Netflix ordering a third season of She after price cuts and layoffs.

Despite only being available for a few hours, fans of the first season quickly got hooked on the second broadcast of seven episodes.

However, like most fans around the world, our attention quickly shifts to the future as soon as the credits roll for the final episode.

It hasn’t been renewed for a third season yet, but the chances of seeing Bhumi return are unfortunately getting smaller and smaller as more and more reviews come in.

Season 2 of ‘Her’ finally arrives on Netflix

Today, June 17thThe second seven-episode season of “Her” premiered worldwide on the streaming platform Netflix.

The series, directed by Aditi Sudhir Pohankar, first debuted back in 2020 with its brutal and honest portrayal of an undercover assignment that went wrong, causing waves among fans around the world.

Birdgirl | Official trailer for the second season | HBO Max

HER: In Season 2, Bhumi continues to open up as she explores the themes of sexual awakening and duality. She is absolutely magnetic in the way she plays the double risk of being hunter and prey, finding herself sinking ever deeper into Nyack’s complex web of plans, seamlessly shattering Fernandez’s suspicions.” – Netflix press release.

Before the release, the showrunners certainly did their best to promote season 2 as the next big series from Netflix India with creator Imtiaz Ali says, “It remains a deeply personal story in Season 2, even as it catapults into a higher-octane drama.”

Then director Arif Ali add as “the thrill aspect has been expanded with a plethora of characters and their complexities belied by Bhumi’s promises of season 2 thrilling viewing.”

Unfortunately, it appears that TV critics weren’t as impressed with On’s return as the show’s organizers would have liked; potentially hurting the chances of a third season.

Bad reviews could drown her before season 3

As previously noted, it has yet to be publicly renewed for season 3 by either Netflix India or the showrunners.

Unfortunately, critical reviews for season 2 of Her could weigh heavily on the chances of Netflix green-lighting season 3. Streaming giant already cut its pricing in India earlier this year as it tries to keep up with the likes of Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus Hotstar.

Contrast this with the layoff of about 150 Netflix. employees in the US, and it’s clear that Netflix is ​​trying to get as much bang for your buck (or “value for your rupees”) as the shows need to earn the demand they need to get renewed.

Unfortunately, Her’s fate seems to be hanging in the balance right now due to poor reviews from critics, with the vast majority of early breakdowns being heavily critical of the new season.

First post admits that “She’s amazingly effective in some places, especially when she wants to immerse herself in the world of prostitution and the characters that populate this undefined world.” However, the praise is certainly withered by later comments that this is an “extremely tedious second season,” even arguing that the frankness is probably the only reason the show has an audience.

Times of India gave Her Season 2 a total of 3/5, stating that the story begins to unfold after episode 3. While the props are once again given to the fantastic cast, the bad script and inconsistencies are the final nails in the coffin of “She” with the “She” slogan. complex and often difficult to understand. Although it shouldn’t be.”

Filmibit also gave the series’ second season a 3/5 rating, again praising the cast and their performance despite the poor script. Interestingly, they note that it’s possible to jump right into Season 2 without watching Season 1 (which is never a good sign). They rightly conclude that Aaditi Pohankar’s talent as an actress deserves a more complex plot.

Gadgets360 arguably give the most scathing review of the second season of Ona, beginning their breakdown by stating that it “may be one of the worst things Imtiaz Ali has ever put on paper.” The review goes on to say, “She’s completely uninteresting from the start of Season 2… Soon after, she becomes both haphazard and aimless. In places he squirms, in others he lies to the audience and at times forgets the main narrative. His greatest crime, every minute, is that there is no progress.”

“Then for whom exactly is“ She ”season 2? (Did Netflix really see a creative reason for its existence? Because then I had even more questions.) Because it seems to me more and more that no one needs be in Imtiaz Ali’s business.” – Ahil Arora, via Gadgets360.

Here, too, an important remark is made; like 28 original Indian series have been on Netflix since 2018, but there was no particular reason why it should get a second season over any others. Adding, “It doesn’t look like it has broken any viewing records or Netflix would have been blowing its horn. And I never met a fan She isnot to mention the legions that demanded a second season.”

“If anything, She manages to prove one thing: there is nothing more repulsive than watching male directors make money ranting about their superficial, superficial and frankly inaccurate ideas about female empowerment.” – Pulomi Das, via News Nine.

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