Realistic Trades We Could See During the 2022 NBA Draft Week | Bleach report

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    The NBA trading season has officially begun, with Christian Wood moving to the Dallas Mavericks, the first major off-season deal.

    Now that draft week has begun, there should be more moves as all 30 teams are now eligible to make trades for the first time since early February.

    As teams look to go into the draft or part ways with veterans to get by-picks, the next five trades could take place based on recent rumors.

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    Miami Heat Get: S/F Eric Gordon 2024 Second Round Pick

    Houston Rockets receive: 27th overall pick, F. Duncan Robinson

    After trading Christian Wood to the Dallas Mavericks in a deal headlined by the 26th overall, the Rockets apparently haven’t finished buying veterans.

    Bleach report Jake Fisher notes that Houston is looking for a first round player for Eric Gordon, who at 33 is having a good season.

    One team that could use Gordon’s instant attack ability? Miami.

    The Heat have a late first-rounder that Houston is looking for (No. 27 overall), and they have a pay cut in Robinson. While Robinson looked like a key player after signing a five-year, $90 million contract last offseason, he only averaged 5.6 points in 12.3 minutes per game off the bench in the playoffs.

    A trade for Gordon (13.4 points, 2.7 assists, 41.2 percent 3-pointers), as well as waiving Robinson’s contract and getting a future cornerman, will help the Heat now and in the future.

    As for the Rockets, the trade gives them four first-round picks (Nos. 3, 17, 26, and 27), allowing them to try to advance in the draft or fill out the rest of the young roster led by Jalen Green, Kevin Porter Jr. and Alperin Sengun.

    Robinson struggled last season but can still be one of the best three-pointers in the NBA and the perfect spacer to beat the team’s ball-dominated defensemen.

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    Atlanta Hawks get: 6th Overall Pick, F/C Isaiah Jackson, PG TJ McConnell

    Indiana Pacers receive: 16th overall pick John Collins FC

    The Hawks already have the 16th pick in the draft, but obviously they want to go higher.

    As Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer writes, “League sources say the Hawks want to add a lottery pick, either by trading John Collins outright or including that pick as well.”

    The Pacers make sense as a trading partner, as Collins would fit as a starting power forward alongside Miles Turner for an Indiana team that likely wants to get back into the playoffs as quickly as possible.

    Just giving up 6th place overall for Collins would have been too much, but going back 10 places and keeping a quality pick in 16th place feels like the right thing to do.

    For the Hawks, dropping Collins and 16th overall would be a big profit. A move up to sixth overall satisfies the team’s stated desire to add a lottery pick where Atlanta can get a player like Dyson Daniels, Shaydon Sharp or Keegan Murray.

    The Jackson acquisition helps offset the loss of Collins, and McConnell gives the Hawks another much-needed playmaker, especially with backup point guard Delon Wright set to become an unrestricted free agent.

    If the Hawks want to move up in the draft and are looking for teams that would be interested in Collins, Indiana seems like the perfect fit.

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    Minnesota Timberwolves receive: F. Jerami Grant

    Detroit Pistons get: SG Malik Beasley, C Naz Reed, 40th overall pick (from Washington Wizards)

    According to ESPN, Grant, one of the leading names in the trading market, “many expect him to be on the move this summer.” Jonathan Zhivoni.

    The 28-year-old would fit in perfectly with a Timberwolves team that needs two-way forwards to slide between Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards. Grant can be a fullback who can defend multiple positions as well as carry the offensive load on trips.

    For a Minnesota team looking to gain momentum after a thrilling first-round series against the Memphis Grizzlies, adding Grant to the backbone of Towns, Edwards, D’Angelo Russell, Patrick Beverly, Jayden McDaniels, Jarred Vanderbilt and more could see the Wolves will play for a top four finish in the West next season.

    Detroit could indeed use an outside threat like the Beasleys as the Pistons finished 26th overall in 3-pointers per game (11.3) and 29th in 3-point shooting (32.6 percent). The 25-year-old shooting guard ranked fifth among all players in 3-pointers (240) last season with 37.7% shooting and the lowest turnover percentage (4.7 percent) in the NBA.

    Reed, 22, has emerged as one of the best backup centers in the league, and Detroit also gets an additional second-rounder in this draft.

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    Portland Trail Blazers receive: 12th overall pick, F. Lou Dort

    Oklahoma City Thunder Get: 7th overall pick, SG Keon Johnson

    This trade idea comes from Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer, who writes, “There is increasing talk that Portland could potentially trade the seventh pick for Oklahoma City for the 12th and a package that could include Lou Dort.”

    As the Blazers look to rebuild their roster around Damian Lillard, they will need significant defensive additions after finishing 29th last season (116.3 rating).

    Dort is only 6’3″, but with his 215-pound build, he has enough muscle to protect everyone from point guards to power forwards. For the past two seasons, he has been in the 70th percentile or higher in defense on/off rankings, according to Glass cleaning, and would be a terrific addition to the Portland perimeter. The 23-year-old also averaged 17.2 points per game for OKC last season.

    Agreeing to move back five spots is worth it for the Blazers if it means bringing Dort on board, especially if the likes of Jalen Duren, Jeremy Sochan or Mark Williams are still available.

    Moving up in this trade gives the Thunder two of the top seven overall picks to add to the core of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Josh Giddy. It also gives OKC a chance to get players like Keegan Murray, Schaedon Sharp and/or Dyson Daniels who will almost certainly go to 12th overall.

    Although abandoning Dort hurts the defense, Thunder doesn’t have to worry about expanding it. And getting Johnson, the 21st overall pick in 2021, adds another young wing with growth potential to the rotation.

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    Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

    New York Knicks get: 4th overall pick, Sea Rishon Holmes

    Sacramento Kings receive: 11th overall pick, 2023 first round pick (via Dallas Mavericks) guard Alec Burks, Sgt. Quentin Grimes

    According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, several teams are trying to move up to 4th place to draft Purdue guard Jayden Ivey. One of the teams he mentioned, the Knicks, is well equipped and in dire need of a point guard position.

    Ivey would be an immediate starter for the Knicks, joining R.J. Barrett in an exciting young backcourt with massive offensive firepower. Although Ivey was not a true point guard, he made a huge leap as a playmaker from rookie to his second season and had the likes of Barrett, Julius Randle and Derrick Rose to help lead the offense.

    Picking up Holmes gives New York some insurance at center if Mitchell Robinson, an unrestricted free agent, decides to sign elsewhere.

    For a Kings team that already has De’Aaron Fox and Davion Mitchell at quarterback and Holmes replaced Domantas Sabonis after the trade deadline, returning seven spots in the draft is worth the extra perk they’ll get.

    Sacramento gets an additional first-round pick through the Mavs, a 2023 pick that is only 1-10 protected and will almost certainly move next year. Filling the flank is a must for the Kings, who get Burks and Grimes as shots and perimeter guards.

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