Rapids looking to break doubleheader losing streak

WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – The Watertown Rapids performed again at the Alex Duffy Fairgrounds on Sunday afternoon, hosting the Amsterdam in a doubleheader.

The Rapids are looking to break their 8-game losing streak against the No. 1 team in the PGCBL East Division.

There were no points at the end of 1st when Ellis Schwartz leads with a hit that goes through the wall at left center, a solo home run: 1-0 Rapids.

At the top of 2nd place, Amsterdam wants to do something, but Beaver River senior Jonah Shearer gets an out to finish the pitch.

At the end of Round 2, the Rapids extend their lead as Lowville product Brett Myers goes into the yard, a solo home run to left center: 2-0 by the Rapids.

However, this was not enough, the Rapids lost the first game 12–7.

The Rapids lost Game 2 12-0.

Beaver River senior Colton Kempney ran the 1 mile race at the New Balance Nationals in Philadelphia on Sunday.

After finishing 5th in the 2 mile run on Friday, Kempney finished 20th in the mile run in a time of 4:12.83, nine seconds behind the winner.

A great weekend for Kempney, showing that he can compete with the best runners in the country on the national stage.

For athletes looking to take their talents to the next level in this field, playing all year round has become an important part of reaching that goal.

One regional group provides this opportunity to athletes in the Nordic country.

Movement FC is a locally-travelled U-13 football team made up of sixth and seventh graders looking to hone their skills on the pitch.

One of several teams that play under Movement Sports, which started out as a pair of football and basketball teams and has expanded over the past few years.

“Well, our core is a group of local players mostly in Watertown, but there are also nearby schools. Travel is the next level that we have begun to implement and provide such an opportunity. There was a need for a travel club, a travel program here in the North Country, instead of sending kids to Syracuse to play and travel with teams,” said Chris Andiorio, vice president and founder of Movement Sports.

Eric Davidson is the coach of FC The Movement and his team just won the tournament in Philadelphia and is ranked 5th in western New York State.

Team Davidson plays other teams from Maryland, Long Island, Vermont and New York State.

Davidson’s team of 18 players from Indian River, Gouverneur, Watertown, Lowville and LaFargeville, says the level of competition prepares these girls to play at the next level.

“Well, I think the travel program prepares them for the next level of football because it puts them against the best in their age group. Tough competition, you have to learn how to win, right? That’s what we tell the girls: you have to learn how to win tournaments and you have to play the full 80 minutes and go all out. It will help a lot of them who… Most of them play in their schools as they are some of the best players in their groups,” Davidson said.

The players say that they are grateful for this opportunity and add that the long hours and travel they have spent is worth the unique experience they get at such a young age.

“Yes, it requires a lot of effort, because we travel far to tournaments. We’ve been to Maryland, Pennsylvania, many different places and it’s really fun. We are lucky that we make a commitment to all the girls,” said Watertown athlete Avery Davidson.

“Yes, playing with these girls is an amazing experience. It taught me a lot, and it’s great to hang out with all these people at tournaments and just work well together, ”said Gouverneur Laila Ziebels.

“Traveling is definitely fun, especially when we’re doing team things like seeing cities and all that,” Indian River’s Megan Jones said.

“We get a lot of experience and we all go to help each other. We will learn how to play with each other,” said Elise Smith from Lafargeville.

Movement Sports also has boys’ teams that compete in the Northeast.

“Yes, we don’t practice much, but it’s fun to go out and play. Range from Syracuse to Auburn, play some leagues in Syracuse. It’s just a lot of fun,” said Mason Andiorio of Watertown.

Fun is the key, but preparing these talented young players for their high school years and beyond is what Movement Sports aims to do for the youth of the North Country.

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