Random moments of fun 2021-22 season

Put on a bow for the 2021-22 NBA season. In fact, go to bed like Steph Curry did throughout the postseason when he felt like the streak was almost over.

The 2021/22 season was the first “normal” season in the NBA since the 2018/19 season. But it still contained its share of anomalies.

From what felt like a 50-point game every other night, to fights, ridiculous made-up moves, and some all-time taunts, let’s take a look back at last season and highlight ten moments we won’t forget anytime soon.

Let the draft and the Summer League hold you back until the regular season starts this fall.

Saddiq Bay dropped 51 on Orlando

Remember how I mentioned that it was like every other game where another NBA player scored 50 points? Well, perhaps the most unexpected of these was Saddiq Bey’s 51-point win against the Orlando Magic in March. The whole bag was shown – triples, post-ups, throws without a lead.

It was a real clinic.

Reggie Jackson skips court length and wins

Reggie Jackson had one of the most hilarious game winners you’ll ever see. Trailing the Lakers by one point with seconds left, Jackson missed court length before splitting the two defensemen with a spin to swim along the baseline, giving the Clippers a 111–110 win.

The picture was great, but the skip overshadowed everyone. Only Reggie Jackson could have done something like that unintentionally.

Evan Fournier wins Jordan v Celtics MVP

Evan Fournier scored 30 or more points five times last season. Three of those five came against the Boston Celtics. In fact, his three highest scoring games of the season were as follows:

Jan 6, 2022 vs. Boston –> 41 points, 15/25 FG, 14/10 3 points

December 18, 2021 Boston —> 32 points, 13/24 FG, 4/10 3 points

Oct. 20, 2021 vs. Boston –> 32 points, 13/25 FG, 6/13 3 points

Those are some wild numbers considering Fournier has only averaged 14.1 points per game this season.

Wizards Defeated, Luke Kennard Leads Clippers Comeback With 35 Points

The Washington Wizards started the season 10-3 and looked like a legitimate Eastern Conference playoff team. One thing led to another, and the wheels began to come off.

A little over two months after starting 10-3, the Wizards were down .500 (23-24) when they entered the January 25 home game against the Los Angeles Clippers. They extended their lead to 35 points before the Clippers, minus Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, led by Luke Kennard, Terence Mann and Amir Coffey led a remarkable comeback in the second half. Seven points behind with 25.2 left, the Clips found a way to win thanks to Kennard and one 3-pointer with less than two seconds left in the game.

Beef Stew has beef with LeBron

I don’t really like fights or fights in the NBA, but you can’t talk about the random moments of an NBA season without mentioning the incident between the Lakers and the Pistons.

LeBron James’ elbow collided with Isaiah Stewart’s face during the free throw line fight and blood began to trickle down the face of Stewart, also known as “Beef Stew”. Like a shark in the ocean, he saw blood and decided to attack.

Stewart never got to LeBron, but his whole pursuit of James was wild.

Pat Bev’s ESPN moments after the Suns’ elimination

Without any warning, we all woke up Monday morning after the shocking Phoenix Suns loss in Game 7 to the Dallas Mavericks and were treated to some Patrick Beverley on ESPN. Pat Bev went through “Get Up”, “First Take” and the usual ESPN debate shows, unleashing fire on the Suns.

Some of it was right, some of it seemed out of dislike, but on the other hand, Pat was Pat. It’s safe to say that he excelled on ESPN – he remained a regular on the network throughout the playoffs.

Jose Alvarado is so mean

The 2021/22 season was great because the world got to know who José Alvarado is. What started out as just a cool story about an undrafted, annoying point guard delivering cool sound bites as he fought his way through the NBA eventually became a story about an undrafted point guard who became an important playoff bidder for the New Orleans Pelicans.

However, we will remember José for all the stealth he did when he tried to blend into the touchline like a chameleon.

Devin Booker hates Raptors mascot

By far the most hilarious moment of the year was when the Phoenix Suns entered the empty Scotiabank Arena in Toronto (Covid protocols) for a game against the Raptors and Devin Booker got distracted and upset by one of the only bodies in the crowd…

The Raptors mascot who stood behind the basket trying to get Booker to miss a free throw.

Booker eventually cleared up the situation.

Pass DeAndre Jordan to the stands

It’s been a strange season for DeAndre Jordan. He was a part-time starter for the Lakers before falling out of the rotation entirely. And in his last game in Los Angeles before he was knocked out, he left us this spectacular pass:

DJ was signed to the Philadelphia 76ers shortly after he reunited with former coach Doc Rivers.

Protests at Timberwolves games

Minnesota upset the Clippers in a playoff to secure a playoff date with the Memphis Grizzlies. In that pivotal postseason win, a protester ran onto the court in the middle of the game and was glued to the floor.

Shortly thereafter, during a first-round game with the Grizzlies, a fan descended from the stands and chained herself to a basket.

Once again, someone escaped the stands in Game 4, trying to get into the court during a live game. But this time, the guards quickly met her on the floor with a tackle.

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