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To be fully aware of the genre, Fairy Tail is one of the must-see classic games. Simply put, this is one of the most popular shounen series in the world. But Hiro Mashima, the author of the manga, ended the series in 2017 and started another project the following year. He followed “Edens” with “Edens Zero”, released in 2018 to generally excellent reviews; he now has a solid 7 in the Myanimelist fan rating, behind Edens with a 7.6 rating.

In 2021, Edens Zero received its own anime adaptation, animated by JC Staff, despite the manga not receiving critical acclaim. Prior to its international release on August 26 on Netflix, the first season premiered in April in Japan. Now, Edens Zero fans are eagerly waiting for the second season. In the meantime, here’s what we know about the film’s upcoming release date, cast, and storyline:

When is the second season of Edens Zero coming out?

Eden zero season 2 release date

The second season of the seriesZero Edensthe anime has yet to be announced by Netflix, JC Staff, or Kodansha (the publisher of the Edens Zero manga). However, there is a good chance that this is just a short-term phenomenon. Edens Zero previously aired in Japan as part of what is expected to be Netflix’s Season 2. This means that once Eden Zero Episode 24 concludes, fans will be able to watch Season 2 without having to wait for new episodes to come out. be translated and dubbed into English.

The second season of Edens Zero is expected to premiere on Netflix sometime in early 2022, given the time difference between the anime’s Japanese and international releases.

On the other hand, the Edens Zero manga has gone well beyond what the anime covers, so there’s plenty of material for the series to continue beyond Season 2.

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Who are the characters in the second season of Eden?

Eden zero season 2 release date

To break away from the purely fantasy setting of Fairy Tail, Edens Zero offers a sci-fi and fantasy adventure combined in space aboard the ship of the same name. Edens Zero is the setting for most of the series’ main characters. Gravity-defying youth Shiki Granbell (Takuma Terashima/Sean Chiplock) and his friends go in search of the cosmic goddess known as Mother (Takuma Terashima) (via IMDb). Rebecca Bluegarden (B-Cuber, space age social media influencer) is the first person Shiki meets.

Happy the Mystic Blue Cat (Rie Kugiyama/Tia Ballard), who was Rebecca’s companion before meeting Shiki, joins them on their journey. In addition, the series also features Weiss Steiner (Hiromichi Tezuka/Brooke Chalmers), a group of androids known as the Four Shining Stars, Homura Kogetsu, Shiori Izawa/Sara Ann Williams, and many more.

The second season will likely bring back many of these people, if not all. As for the new characters that Shiki will meet on his travels, such information has not yet been made public to foreign viewers.

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What is the story behind Edens Zero Season 2?

Eden zero season 2 release date

The Edens Zero manga is currently way ahead of the anime’s plot development, as we’ve already established. Because of this, you can read the manga to get a head start on the second season before it airs (assuming the anime stays true). More specific spoilers are available due to the fact that the episodes have already begun airing in Japan.

At the time of this writing, the final episode of Season 1 “Eden Zeroon Netflix covers the Digitalis Arc manga up to chapter 31. This quest to uncover the other members of the Four Shining Stars will be the focus of Season 2 episodes. exactly what they hoped for. It is unclear whether they are allies or enemies, but the dangers they will face while traveling in space are clear.

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