‘Persuasion’ Netflix trailer reaction with Dakota Johnson

The film is based on Jane Austen’s 1816 novel. Belief, a classic that has been praised for decades for its portrayal of love, second chances, and emotional depth. Austin wrote the novel shortly before his death in 1817.


According to Spark Notes, Belief considered to be “a novel of manners. This type of novel is not about the education or growth of one particular person, but instead is a story about how several central characters interact in society, navigating the rules and structures that govern their lives.

When I saw the trailer for 2022, which shows the movie as a cute comedy, I thought, “Oh my God, this looks really cute and witty.”

But people haaard disagreed with me, criticizing the trailer for the fact that the film looks like a comedy with farcical elements:

belief is about love and loss, aging, responsibility and devotion, it’s not a joke, it’s serious.

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@DiscussingFilm The shift in tone compared to the book worries me a little, I’m not sure about the 4th wall break (Anne is really an introvert, so it might be a plus to convey emotions, but it seems too light-hearted) Persuasion is more nostalgic, mature.. . I’ll try but without optimism.

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One viral tweet from writer Brandon Taylor simply read, “Absolutely not.”

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Brandon wrote a pretty interesting thread about his disdain for the trailer. you can read here.

“Looks like they removed the most interesting part of the Jane Austen stories: the social setting of the time and the women forced to navigate it,” wrote one person.

@DiscussingFilm Looks like they removed the most interesting part of the Jane Austen stories: the social conditions of the time and the women forced to navigate them. It looks like a modern teen drama in the style of the 18th century. No, thanks.

Twitter: @BenRandall

People especially disliked how a famous passage from the novel was simplified to “Now we are worse than the former. We are friends”.

I believe that writers should write whatever they want, and the one who wrote it should be sent to a colony for life.


It’s a famous passage from “Persuasion” and Netflix turned it into “We’re Worse Than We Were Now.” We are friends’. Whoever wrote this deserves jail

In fact, the reaction of Jane Austen fans was something like this:


Dakota Johnson and the filmmakers didn’t respond to the backlash, but we’ll let you know if they do.

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