Number 11 prospect Mark Williams

The main goal of this New York Knicks draft process seems to be to add young guards to this already talented young core, but one problem they may have to face with the No. 11 pick is – it’s the potentially impending exit of Mitchell at number 23. Robinson.

Enter Duke’s big man, Mark Williams, who measures 7-2 with a reportedly massive 7-7 wingspan that would rank him fifth among all current NBA centers if these combine measurements are to be believed.

Williams is a very intriguing option for the Knicks, and while it’s still possible that New York will bring back the beloved (but divisive) Robinson, you have to imagine someone as intriguing as Williams swaying their minds when making such a decision.

How does Mark Williams fit into the current New York Knicks roster?

Given New York’s need for a center that can stretch the field, Williams may not be an ideal candidate to replace Robinson. But in the long run, he could be a great starter at the NBA level.

While Williams is known for his rim-running prowess, length, and defensive ability highlighted by his incredible footwork, he delivered the kind of attacking game we haven’t seen in his four seasons with Robinson.

Williams fired over 72% off the free-throw line during his sophomore year at Duke and also showing great touch around the rim are all strong indications that he could expand his range as he develops his game to the next level.

If the Knicks do move on from Robinson, Williams would be the perfect candidate to replace him. With this group of kids looking to lead the team into the future, the duo of Williams and Jericho Sims could be the most athletic center pair in the NBA today.

Will Mark Williams be the 11th pick in the New York Knicks draft?

Considering all the dummy drafts, Williams’ range, like many other players in the 6-15 range in this upcoming draft, is wide. But most analysts and draft experts think Williams is available at No. 11, giving Tom Thibodeau and New York an interesting first-round option.

This draft will be one of the most unpredictable in recent memory, and while Williams will have an immediate impact on any team he joins, there’s an almost 100% chance that Duke’s star will be on the board when the Knicks it’s the Knicks’ turn. . select No. 11.

Should the New York Knicks pick Mark Williams if he’s on the board at number 11?

New York certainly has some needs to fill the upcoming draft, and if the team does go for the No. 11 pick (which may not be the case given the reports and predictions in recent days), Williams is a good option with a lot of upside down.

If the Knicks’ primary targets on the wing, such as A.J. Griffin, Benedict Maturin and Johnny Davis, are not taken into account, which is likely, then Williams will suddenly become much more important to this young team.

Ultimately, unless the draft is a nightmare for New York with all its best options, it’s unlikely the Knicks will pick Williams. But if they trade and somehow manage to keep the 11th spade as well, then that becomes an even more realistic and impressive choice.

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