New on Netflix: ‘Money Heist: Korea’, ‘Extraordinary Prosecutor Wu’ and more

Available on 06/15/2022


A young woman leaves a small town and moves into an apartment in Rio de Janeiro to find her mother, but a suspicious fire leads her to a murder investigation.

Iron Chef: In Search of the Iron Legend

Rising culinary stars meet Iron Chef icons Curtis Stone, Dominik Krenn, Markus Samuelsson, Ming Tsai and Gabriela Camara. Only the very best go to the final battle royale to win the golden knife and the Iron Chef Legend title. Elton Brown and Kristen Kish lead with Mark Dacascos as chairman.

God’s Favorite Idiot

AT God’s Favorite Idiot, mid-career technical supporter Clark Thompson finds love with his colleague Emily Luck just as he unwittingly becomes a messenger of God. There’s also roller skating, a lake of fire, and an impending apocalypse.


To pay off his son’s mother’s debt to the cartel, a superbike racer becomes a drug runner, risking his chances of becoming a professional and putting his own life at risk.

Parade of Hearts

To keep her job, a career-minded woman afraid of dogs must travel to Krakow, where she meets an adorable widower, his son, and their four-legged best friend.

Wrath of God

Convinced that the tragic deaths of her loved ones were orchestrated by a famous writer she worked for, Luciana turns to a journalist to uncover the truth.

The Network of Pretense: Death, Lies, and the Internet

Directed by Brian Knappenberger, Luminant Media and Imagine Documentaries, this 6-episode anthology tells the story of people caught in the dark and twisting web of modern-day disinformation and digital deception.

Haunting, quirky and topical, the series explores the aftermath of “special forces”, takes a chilling journey down the rabbit hole of white supremacy, joins a federal manhunt for an IRS brazen robbery suspect, and investigates a murder. against the backdrop of Russian interference in the elections. Rich in iconic characters and unexpected storylines, reality is warped as the average American home is snared in a chaotic web of disinformation.

Available on 06/16/2022

Rhythm + Flow France (Episode 5-7)

French rappers freestyle, fight and compose to win a groundbreaking €100,000 prize in a series of music competitions judged by Niska, Shay and SCH.

Love and Anarchy: Season 2

After receiving heartbreaking news, Sophie is unwilling to deal with her grief, and her life, career, and relationship with Max fall apart.


Over the course of one fateful day, a corrupt businessman and his socialite wife race to save their daughter from a notorious crime boss.

F*cn Around Comedy Special by Snoop Dogg

F*cn Around Comedy Special by Snoop Dogg, original comedy by Snoop, plus sets from legendary black comedians performing at the festival.

Sing, Dance, Act: Kabuki featuring Tom Ikuta

Drama, legacy, soul; Actor Toma Ikuta prepares for his first kabuki performance with his longtime friend, kabuki actor Matsuya Onoe.

Karma World Music Videos: Season 2

From best friend’s anthem to smart bop, this collection of tunes from Karma features her singing, shining and freestyle along with friends and family.

Dead End: Paranormal Park

Teenagers Barney and Norma become fast friends and help each other through tough times while having tons of spooky fun working at a haunted theme park!

Available on 06/17/2022

War Next Door: Season 2

The family comedy series is back with a new season.

She: Season 2

Having pledged allegiance to kingpin Nayaka, Bhumi explores her sexual liberation and her dark side, crossing the line between duty and desire.

You do not know me

When all the evidence points to his guilt, a man on trial for murder uses his closing argument to reveal his affair with a mysterious woman.


In the near future, two convicts face their past in an institution run by a seer who gives them emotion-altering drugs. Starring Chris Hemsworth.

Martha Mitchell effect

This documentary follows the cabinet wife who spoke out during Watergate and the Nixon administration’s campaign to silence her.

Available on 06/18/2022

Soul Alchemy

A powerful sorceress in the body of a blind woman meets a noble man who wants her to help him change his fate.


The relics of an ancient alien civilization on Earth have a dangerous power. The Spriggan agents of the ARCAM corporation must keep them out of the wrong hands.

Available on 06/19/2022


This documentary follows independent civil rights lawyer Ben Crump as he goes to trial to seek justice in the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Available on 06/20/2022

The death of love

After going bankrupt, an advertising businessman falls in love with a yoga retreat singer and joins her on a journey of self-realization.

Available on 06/21/2022

Joel Kim Buster: psychosexual

Filmed at Catch One in Los Angeles, Joel Kim Buster is making his Netflix comedy debut with Psychosexual. In a uniquely crafted three-set act, Booster discusses exploring Asian cultural nuances as he grows up, sharing his preference for threesomes with tips for successful masturbation, his fascination with human sexuality, and more.


With the help of industry experts, this innovative documentary series explores new and emerging technology trends to present revolutionary opportunities.

In stock on 06/22/2022

snow mountain

This new reality show takes a group of clueless “kids” who aren’t yet living to their full potential and has them test their mettle in a wilderness survival shelter to try and get them back on their feet. The back-to-basics camp is a rude awakening to how spoiled their lives have been so far. At stake is a transformative cash prize for the lucky winner. There is no running water, no parents to serve them, and worst of all, no Wi-Fi. But, having united with nature, they will learn to graduate from school as full-fledged adults.

The Umbrella Academy: Season 3

The Emmy-nominated series about a dysfunctional superhero family returns with a new season.

Love and ice cream

Lina promises her ailing mother that she will spend the pre-college summer in Rome, where she will fall in love with the city, the people, and ice cream.

Bruna Louise: Destruction

New comedy from Bruna Louise.

The Hidden Life of Pets

Bow wow and purring pets! Meet amazing creatures from around the world and learn the latest science about our animal friends’ senses and skills.

Available on 06/23/2022

Rhythm + Flow France (Episode 8)

French rappers freestyle, fight and compose to win a groundbreaking €100,000 prize in a series of music competitions judged by Niska, Shay and SCH.

First grade

Immerse yourself in the life of a group of wealthy Barcelona friends who share a passion for extravagant fashion, lavish parties and exclusive events.


After a 50-year absence, a famous Parisian tailor and drag queen returns to his hometown in Poland to make amends with his daughter.

Available on 06/24/2022

Money Heist: Korea Unified Economic Zone

Thieves take over the mint of a united Korea. The hostages are trapped inside and it is up to the police to stop them as well as the mastermind behind it all.

man vs bee

British comedian Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) stars in this near-silent comedy about the war between the nanny and the bee.

The man from Toronto

A misidentification case arises after a screwed-up sales consultant and the world’s deadliest killer, known only as the Toronto Man, run into each other in a rental house.

Angry Birds: Summer Madness: Season 2

Sparks and feathers fly as teens Red, Chuck, Bomba and Stella spend a wild summer with the other Angry Birds at Camp Splinterwood!

Available on 06/27/2022

Cafe Minamdang

A new series about a suspicious cafe and its no less suspicious visitors.

Chip and Potato: Chip’s Holiday

Falling coconuts ruin Chip and Potato’s fun vacation! With the help of a friendly tamarin and a new friend, they hatch a plan to get the pug to sleep well.

Available on 06/28/2022

Blown up

Blown up follows childhood friends Sebastian (Axel Böyum) and Mikkel (Fredrik Skogsrud) who are reunited at Sebastian’s bachelor party. While Mikkel never matured as a teenage laser tag prodigy, Sebastian has evolved into a career-obsessed workaholic who uses the party to lure in a potential client. But when a bachelor party faces an alien invasion, Mikkel and Sebastian must reunite as the badass laser tag duo they once were and fight back.

Christela Alonzo: middle class

With more money and a smile wide enough to show off her hard-earned new teeth, Kristela is living the American dream. She cheerfully shares the joys of growing old in her 40s, her first experience with a gynecologist, and the importance of family. Christela Alonzo: Middle Class will premiere worldwide on Netflix on June 28, 2022.

Available on 06/29/2022

Upshaw: Season 2 Part 1

The family comedy from Wanda Sykes and Mike Epps is back with new episodes.

Extraordinary Prosecutor Wu

A brilliant young lawyer with Asperger’s Syndrome has problems with social interaction.

Pirate Gold of Adak Island

An elite team of expert treasure hunters arrive on a remote island in the Alaskan wilderness in search of millions worth of buried pirate gold.

the beauty

A young singer on the cusp of a promising career is torn between a domineering family, industry pressures and the love of her girlfriend.

Available on 06/30/2022

Shark: Season 2

Sharkdog and his human buddies are back for a new season full of adventure.

BASTARD‼ -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy-

Dark Schneider, a powerful wizard sealed in a boy’s body, sets off in search of peace, accompanied by new friends and old enemies.

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