Netflix’s The Interceptor Has a Sequel Scenario

movie netflix Interceptor the script has already been written.

Set in a missile interception station in the Pacific, this thrilling action movie has been one of the most popular films of the year since its release last month, so naturally, questions about a sequel soon arose.

“It hit me,” said writer/director Matthew Reilly. Diversity. “I was hoping to be in the top 10 on Netflix but ended up in the top spot everywhere? I don’t think anyone expected it to take over the world. I’m just as confused as everyone else.”

Elsa Pataky, interceptor


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The Australian writer-turned-filmmaker then revealed that he had already written a sequel that Netflix “likes” but hasn’t greenlit yet.

As to whether Chris Hemsworth’s Jed cameo could be reprised in the future, Reilly commented, “I don’t want to speak for him, but I think Interceptor was disposable. But let’s just say the sequel is about 10 times bigger. If he wants to be in it, I’m pretty sure we can fit him somewhere.

“I got Chris right away Thor installed. I have to guide him for two hours. He doesn’t mess around. It is laser focused.”

Chris Hemsworth as Jed in Interceptor


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However, Hemsworth has never been so busy furiosa just the latest blockbuster filling its time after production ends Extract 2 as well as Thor: Love and Thunder.

FROM Star Trek 4 officially also in development, will he reprise his role as George Kirk in a flashback (or resurrection)?

“At some point there was talk of me doing a movie with Chris Pine, the script was written and then fell apart,” the actor recently said.

“But if JJ Abrams calls me tomorrow and says, ‘Chris Pine and I want to do this,’ I would probably say, ‘Yeah, let’s do this.’

Interceptor currently streaming on Netflix.

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