Netflix Viewers Call God’s Favorite Idiot Melissa McCarthy ‘Perfect’

Melissa McCarthy’s new comedy series is out on Netflix, and users are already returning from rave reviews with rave reviews.

God’s Favorite Idiot is an eight-episode series that stars Melissa as Emily Luck, the quirky co-worker of average tech support worker Clark Thompson, played by Melissa’s husband Ben Falcone.

After finding love with Emily, things suddenly get complicated for Clark when he unwittingly becomes a messenger of God. How are you doing.

After watching all eight episodes of the comedy series, fans began to praise Melissa McCarthy’s sensational performance on Twitter, recommending it as a must-watch.

“This show is as quirky as Melissa McCarthy’s wardrobe,” commented one fan, pointing to Melissa’s character’s unique outfits on the show. “Fun and light-hearted, this is a great summer series.”

The second told subscribers: “So far I really like #godsfavoriteidiot on Netflix. I really love myself a little bit @melissamccarthy!!”

“Melissa McCarthy is pure comedy, it’s crazy how naturally funny she is,” wrote a third.

And a fourth commented: “As usual, Melissa McCarthy is comedic perfection, but the actor playing Tom kills him!! Absolutely hilarious and perfectly matches her comedic rhythm!!

Other fans were more impressed with the collaborative efforts between McCarthy and her co-star/husband Ben Falcone.

The pair have worked together on a wide range of projects throughout their acting and directing careers, including Tammy (2014) Boss (2016) thunder power (2021) Heat (2013) bridesmaids (2011) and Happy Kills (2018) to name but a few.

The series stars husband and wife Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone.  1 credit
The series stars husband and wife Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. 1 credit

“Just finished my #GodsFavoriteIdiot afternoon binge,” wrote one fan. “Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone have the best chemistry and I love them.”

“Watching #GodsFavoriteIdiot for the third time in a row. Ben and Melissa are golden.”

The second agreed: “I love Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone together! Their Chemistry >>> #GodsFavoriteIdiot yes I know they’ve been together for decades but on this show they make me feel all right.”

“Just finished #GodsFavoriteIdiot and I need more – Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone are real magic,” wrote a third. “Only they can give me the emotions that I have, and they are all good. amazing job, again!!!”

And a fourth commented, “I didn’t realize how much I was looking forward to Melissa and Ben as the top love interests on TV!”

That’s more than enough to sell us!

Whole series God’s Favorite Idiot is already available for streaming on Netflix.

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