Netflix renews ‘Selling Sunset’ for 2 more seasons

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An Emmy-nominated Netflix documentary about a beloved real estate firm in Los Angeles has yet to drop. It’s been three years since we first met the designer-clad ladies of the Oppenheim Group, and it looks like we’re in for some new drama-filled gems.

On Thursday, Netflix announced that update Sale Sunset for two more seasons, which will give us at least 20 more episodes of luxury homes, incredible status and small storylines in the Hollywood Hills. According to the streaming giant, production on the series will resume this summer. But the real question is which of the actors will return.

Netflix hasn’t confirmed any of the cast, including Christine Quinn, the show’s recurring villain who has been accused of lying about having COVID-19. to miss the first ever reunion– presumably because by the end of the fifth season, she was butting heads with almost all the actors. But in May she said People magazine that she left the celebrity real estate agency and is now partnering with her husband Christian Dumonte to run crypto real estate company (whatever that means) RealOpen.

“I terminated my contract when the brokerage opened,” she said.I had to make a business decision that was for me, so I had to terminate the contract so I could hand it over to my brokerage.”

Christine Quinn in New York in May.

Christine Quinn in New York in May.
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The reality star also claimed that Jason Oppenheim, best known for his brief date with Quinn’s nemesis, Chrisselle Stause, was aware of her impending departure along with the rest of the group. Jason knew. I told him. We had a conversation with him a year before. I told him I was minding my own business,” she said. People. “I don’t think anyone really thought… I think they thought I was bluffing; I don’t think they actually thought I was working for a company, I don’t know. But I told them for a year that I was working on it. Everybody knows.”

It doesn’t help that Quinn too major conflict with newcomer Emma Hernan, who accused Quinn of trying to steal her client with a $5,000 bribe. Quinn vehemently denied the accusations, telling People, “I don’t have to bribe the client because he will work with me organically.”

As for the rest of the actors, there were rumors about Maya Wander leaves to focus on his family and develop his new real estate business in Miami. Vander went through a difficult period of setbacks in his personal life, including the birth of a stillborn son, and then, six months later, suffers a miscarriage.

And no doubt everyone will be intrigued to see Staus and her new love interest, Australian singer G-Flip – hopefully the viral pairing will spice up the new season.

Chrischel Stause and Gee Flip attend MTV Movie & TV Awards: UNBOOKED.

Chrischel Staus and Gee Flip at the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards: UNSCRIPTED.
A photo: Getty Images (Getty Images)

Only time will tell who stays, who leaves, and whether Quinn keeps his crown or trades it in to become a crypto queen. Either way, we’ll be watching.

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