Netflix mobile games generate 13 million downloads: here are the details

Sensor Tower has published a report on the popularity of Netflix mobile games since their launch last year. According to the report, Netflix games have been downloaded over 13 million times worldwide. The most popular month for the platform (at least in terms of game downloads) was December 2021, with 2.3 million downloads. By the way, in the same month, the second most popular Netflix game, Asphalt Xtreme, was launched. This racing game is exclusive to the streaming service after it closed other mobile stores last September.

At the moment, there are 24 mobile names in the company’s catalog. All of them are ad-free and only require a Netflix account to play. Stranger Things 1984 is the number one downloaded game with nearly 2 million installs. It is followed by Netflix Asphalt Xtreme (1.8 million) and Stranger Things 3: The Game (1.5 million).

As for the game in second place, it’s Netflix Asphalt Xtreme with 1.8 million installs. By and large, these numbers are small, but it’s a sign that Netflix can expand its mobile game offerings, especially when you consider the fact that the company gets an average of one million installs per month for its games.

Netflix releases portable games for Android gadget

At first, Netflix delivered portable games to Android gadgets. You can select them through the dedicated games column or the “Games” tab available on mobile phones, or using the game selection menu on tablets, and then download the selected games via Google Play. Once downloaded, the games will be available for direct access through the Netflix app.

Netflix does not charge any additional costs for offering portable games based on it. In addition, the organization does not run any promotions or engage in in-app purchases to offer games through its foundation. It could be that this could be an early move as Netflix may eventually be able to use games as a source of additional income.

While Netflix has published a number of games, the streaming giant has also made several acquisitions for its own development. One of his purchases, Night School Studio, worked on games like Oxenfree, which generated 2.1 million installs and raised $1.8 million in player spending on mobile devices.

Through acquisitions and associations, Netflix hired Verdu in July to lead its gaming division. He has previously worked with designers at Facebook to promote augmented reality (AR) and computer reality (VR) content and has worked for organizations such as Electronic Arts, Zynga, Kabam, Atari and Legend Entertainment. .

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