Netflix made this 1985 single top of the charts again

The streaming giant’s shares have fallen about 70% this year, investors are nauseous about its business, and now the former entertainment industry darling has a bleak future. However, Netflix is ​​still a media company that, with its 221.6 million subscribers worldwide, is able to capture the cultural zeitgeist.
That’s because the song is featured in the latest season of Stranger Things, the streaming platform’s most popular franchise. Global song streams are up over 8700% on Spotify (PLACE) after the premiere of the show’s fourth season on May 27.

The fact that “Running Up That Hill” became an overnight hit nearly four decades after its release represents more than just an old song on fire on the charts. This is a prime example of Netflix’s enormous cultural power, even as the company tries to change itself.

Launch charts

Other songs have increased sales and streams due to being featured in well-known movies and TV shows (this has happened to Queen a few times). But a few tunes were part of the main story, like “Running Up That Hill” in Stranger Things 4.
The final season of the sci-fi horror series, set in 1986, not only makes the song a favorite for Max Mayfield’s character, played by Sadie Sink, but also the tune. played during a key scene and helps save her from an evil multi-dimensional force.

Such a moment is a music director’s dream because the stage becomes inseparable from the song, creating a connection between content and the consumer that is “very rare,” said Serona Elton, director of the music industry program at the Music School. Frost University of Miami. .

“If the music just plays in the background, it won’t have the same effect as if the music were the main part of the scene,” Elton told CNN Business.

Kate Bush 'Really Touched' by 'Running Up That Hill' hit #1

But none of this could have happened without Netflix’s ability to bring the series to millions of subscribers around the world. Other streaming platforms have millions of users too, but Netflix is ​​still at the top of the hill. It helps that Stranger Things is wildly popular.

Stranger Things 4 – Volume 1 debuted in May and set a record-breaking number of views, with a total of 883 million hours watched on the platform since then. This makes it the most watched English-language Netflix TV show ever. It has been #1 on Netflix’s Top 10 English Movies list for all four weeks since its release.
The new season has also dominated social media since its debut, with over 7.7 billion organic views. facebook (FB)instagram, youtube, Twitter (TVTR) and TikTok, according to the streamer. It Helped Make “Running Up That Hill” Go Viral meme.
Bush recently thanked the series’ creators, the Duffer Brothers, for resurrecting “Running Up That Hill” in popularity.

“I’m overwhelmed by the amount of affection and support the song is receiving,” she wrote on her website. “Everything happens very quickly, as if everything is moving by some elemental force.”

Upside down but not out

The world of Netflix has been turned upside down this year after the company announced in April that it had lost subscribers for the first time in more than a decade. The news shocked Wall Street and wiped out Netflix’s billion-dollar market cap. Shares of the company, which prior to this news were trading at $337 a share, are now worth $178.
Industry experts wondered what steps Netflix could take to rebuild, dismissing ideas including showing ads, limiting password sharing and building relationships with movie theaters.
The wide influence of Stranger Things shows that Netflix (NFLKS) maybe down, but it’s not out.
Netflix’s proliferation is still prominent in the world of streaming, even as competitors are catching up, allowing the service to own pop culture with content like “Bird Box”, “Squid Game” and “Stranger Things”. And as Netflix tries to rebuild its position after several disastrous quarters, it’s important to remember what it’s capable of.
Stranger Things 4 breaks Netflix records

Elton said this kind of intervention could help several populations.

Bush is likely to see “an increase in revenue and possibly a new demographic of fans who may be looking for other music of hers,” she said. As for Netflix, the song’s newfound popularity made it “newsworthy” and “perhaps could bring more people to the show itself.”

On Tuesday, the company released new trailer for the last two episodes of this seasonwhich will be released July 1st. The brief teaser features the show’s signature monsters and nostalgic excitement, as well as the kids of Hawkins, Indiana, bruised and beaten but ready to fight – almost like Netflix itself right now.

The song the trailer was set to? “Get on top.”

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