Netflix Clash (2022) Honest Movie Review

clash crime thriller from South Africa. It was released on Netflix on June 16, 2022. The film is directed by the award-winning French director Fabien Martorel. William Gillin, Fabienne Martorell and Sean Cameron Michael collaborated on the script. It was produced by Citizen Skull Productions, Do Productions and Connect Channel.

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Langley Kirkwood plays Johan Grezer, Tessa Jubber plays Diane Grezer, Bonko Khoza plays Larry, Mpho Sebeng plays Tando, Zoe Sneedon plays Nicky Grezer, Sifesichle Vazi plays Cecil, Samke Mahoba plays Palesa, Fello Kotelo, Tamsanka Bui and Louis Ngkaya also play roles. . The duration of the film is about 1 hour 39 minutes.

It’s all about making money: clash

AT Johannesburg, in a post-apartheid world, the daughter of an army veteran is stuck in the trunk of a car owned by a notorious crime boss. It’s the first scene of the Showdown, and then we jump back two days as the country prepares to celebrate freedom day, but someone asks if they’re really free. Meet Bra Sol (Vayu Dabula), a local gangster.

However, we first see a good side in him when he tells the boy to go to school instead of carrying a gun. On the other hand, we meet the Grezer family. The father, Johan Grezer, is preparing for his presentation to become the company’s chief financial officer, and the daughter, Niki, is writing to her boyfriend Cecil.

There is also a father and daughter who run a store together in the city center. Even though apartheid has ended in this world, internal segregation still exists. White people are afraid of black people, and South Africans are afraid of people from Nigeria, Zimbabwe and other places.

That’s what the movie is about. Bra Sol secretly made deals with Johan, but lost the money and told Johan about it. Nicky is friends with Cecil and his friend Tando. To make money, Cecil and Tando commit petty crimes for Bra Sol.

But when one thing leads to another, Bra Sol takes Niki and plans to sell her as a prostitute abroad. That’s when the Grezer family, Cecil and Saul start running after Niki to get her out of his trap before something bad happens. Will they be able to catch Saul before they leave, or will something bad happen to the characters?

Race for survival in the movie “Crash”

In the film, everyone is trying to stay alive and make money. Whether it’s Johan Greser, who wants to become a CFO at any cost, or Bra Sol, whose way of making money is wrong, but wants to build schools for children in his area.

Cecil wants to be a singer but can’t find a job because he’s not from the US. A downtown store owner wants to open more stores because he doesn’t have enough money left after paying Bra Sol taxes.

In a way, the film tries to show the truth about Johannesburg, which is the economic powerhouse of Africa and a lure for people who want a better life. People from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Malawi and elsewhere are moving to the city in hopes of a better life, but the city’s nearly 10 million people cannot give them a chance.

There is a big difference between the rich and the poor here. The rich live in large white mansions in the northern suburbs, while the poor, mostly black, are being forced south into the city center. Because of the wealth gap, the poor feel that their few opportunities (land, jobs, etc.) are being taken away by immigrants, while the rich are left alone.

Now, back to the movie, the story has all of the above elements that help build the world around them, but the plot isn’t great. What the filmmakers want to show is unclear. Is this a film about the struggle of two powerful people or a rivalry? Is it about taking revenge on someone or showing the harsh truth about the city and its people? Or that freedom is a lie?

Final thoughts: to broadcast or not?

If you have something to watch on Netflix, you should definitely skip Crash. The film has uneven pacing, a convoluted plot, and terrible acting, especially from Nicky’s character. All this makes the film bad. Even though actor Vuyo Dabula is the only thing that makes the film interesting, he cannot save it from being a plotless movie. You can watch it if you like the actor, but in the end you will be disappointed.

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