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When OTT giant Netflix announced that it would be making games in 2021, people’s expectations were high. In hindsight, that’s an unrealistic amount given how competitive gaming in general and mobile gaming in particular is. However, it was Netflix, the brand that was the boss in OTT. People and analysts believed that if he got into the games, he would definitely bring something new to the entertainment table. And after a relatively sluggish start, Netlfix seems to be finally working to live up to those expectations. Headlines like “This is a True Story” and “Into the Dead 2: Unleashed” really kicked off the service a few weeks ago, and recently at the Geekend Week event, Netflix finally made the move that many expected from it. the very beginning – in its gaming service, games based on Netflix series will finally appear.

Show Games, Exclusive to Netflix

Some point out that even when it first started, Netflix Games offered some games based on the show. After all, Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game were among the first two games released on the platform. However, it should be noted here that these games have been around for a while and have been around long before the launch of Netflix Games. They weren’t made for Netflix games, so to speak, and were available for download on other app stores before moving on to Netflix games.

The new games coming to Netflix Games are very different. For example, in the adventure game La Casa De Papel, you plan to rob a billionaire’s casino in Monaco. There are many lockpicks and safes. And you help the Professor’s friend. Yes, this is a game based on the famous Money Heist series. It is being developed by Killasoft and will be coming to Netflix Games later this year.

Another game that has appeared on the gaming service is Shadow and Bone: Destinies, an RPG that is once again based on the Netlfix fantasy series of the same name. And if you’ve always wanted to be like the chess player Beth Harmon from the Queen’s Gambit mini-series, you can virtually step into her shoes in Queen’s Gambit: Chess, where you can take game lessons, solve puzzles, and take on more than just others. online players, but even with characters from the show. Again, the title will be exclusive to Netflix Games and is expected to appear on the service later this year.

Creating the world of games and Netflix series

Interestingly, Netflix is ​​building a deeper association with games in another way—it offers shows based on popular games. Dragon Age: Absolution is a series based on the cult RPG, and based on the classic Tekken fighting game, it’s all set for its own anime series, Tekken: Bloodline. Today, Netflix Games has 22 games, and that number is expected to grow to 50 by the end of the year, with many of the games not only based on Netflix shows, but exclusive to Netflix Games.

With the release of exclusive games based on the series, Netflix is ​​not just looking to solidify its gaming portfolio, but is actually building an online ecosystem of sorts. With its new series of games, the OTT giant has neatly built a bridge between its shows and its games, allowing users to switch from one to the other almost seamlessly. So, for example, now you can not only watch the Queen’s Gambit, but after watching the mini-series (I wish it continued) refresh your acquaintance with the characters through a chess game based on It. The same applies to La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) and Shadow and Bone: Destinies.

In fact, according to our sources, work is even underway to launch games that will introduce new series or release “missing chapters” from existing ones. In the words of one industry insider, “It’s basically part of creating your own Netflix world. Do you want to experience Grishaverse (Shadow and Bone)? You can watch the show. Or you can play the game. And all without leaving the Netflix app. It also lowers entry barriers. A person may not normally want to play chess, but will be more than happy to play the game as part of the Queen’s Gambit experience. What’s more, the games will keep the show entertained even into the off-season.”

Game “Ted Lasso”? Game “Family Man”? You will never know…

If all goes according to plan, Netflix could be the first major OTT player to actually use its show content to gain a gaming edge. After all, companies like Apple, Amazon, and Hotstar haven’t really explored show-related games on their OTT services. Imagine what Apple Arcade could achieve with football manager “Ted Lasso” while users wait for the new season of the series! If Netflix can pair its shows with games related to it, we might well see other OTT players (especially Apple) dive more than gracefully into the waters of game series synchronicity.

Of course, it is still too early to say how successful this move will be. After all, we have not even seen the game in all its glory. All we have are well-made trailers that, in the best trailer tradition, hint at great things. All said and done, it’s safe to say that for the first time since Netflix went into game mode, a fair amount of “Netflix” is promised in Netflix games. How well games and series fit together could very well define the future of gaming on Netflix in particular, and could even add a new chapter to games in general as we know them.

Football Manager “Ted Lasso” at Apple Arcade? Action game “Family Man” on Amazon Prime? Stealth game inspired by Special Ops on HotStar? A multiplayer RPG based on Gullak on SonyLIV?

All of this could happen if Netflix managed to combine games and series.

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