NBA Power Rating: Number of Suns Lower Than Expected?

The 2021-22 NBA season is in the past, but things like the NBA draft and agent freedom are on the horizon.

This also applies to the too-early power ratings found just about everywhere in the basketball world.

As the Golden State Warriors look to defend their NBA title, the Phoenix Suns are just one of many teams hoping they can claim their rightful place among the league’s best and claim the Larry O’Brien Trophy at the end of next year. season.

However, there are still obstacles in the way of the Phoenix. Center DeAndre Ayton’s contract situation is the most notable decision the Suns will make this offseason.

For now, the unknown has impacted Phoenix in the recent Power Rankings, which includes the Bleacher Report. 2022-23 list.

The Bucks, Celtics, Grizzlies and Nuggets follow Golden State to round out the top five. Where are the Suns?

Phoenix Suns #9 in Bleacher Report Power Ranking

The Phoenix Suns won 64 games in the regular season before falling through the playoffs. Understandably, the focus was on Games 6 and 7 of the Western Conference Semifinals, which Phoenix lost by 27 and 33, respectively,” B/R said. .

“But losing the New Orleans Pelicans 36-46 in two games in the first round (even if the addition of McCollum changed them a little) should also cause some concern. And after they failed to sign center DeAndre Ayton to a renewal deal last summer, “probably not” that he would play for another team next season, according to The Athletic’s James Edwards III and John Hollinger.

“If all the drama and frustration translates into more determination from Chris Paul and Devin Booker and another out-of-position player to replace Ayton, the Suns could make the playoffs once again. But right now, all this chaos makes Phoenix one of the best players. more difficult teams in the league to anchor.”

Is the sun too low? That’s understandable given Ayton’s hazy future, but Phoenix will certainly get something in return if they turn him in, adding to a team that nearly won the NBA Finals before overtaking the NBA in this year’s regular season wins.

Many believe that Ayton holds the keys in the offseason, and perhaps deservedly so.

However, a roster that still features Chris Paul/Davin Booker/Mikal Bridges/Cam Johnson along with other role players should still be very competitive by and large.

The three teams after the Suns were the 76ers, Heat and Bulls.

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