NBA Fans React to Fanduel’s 2016 NBA Redraft: ‘It Sucks Awful’

No. 1 Pascal Siakam is certainly an interesting pick, but Ben Simmons in 8th is a little ridiculous. Simmons has had his share of problems, and while he still can’t shoot, it’s too little for a three-time All-Star and second place Defensive Player of the Year award. As you can imagine, Twitter had a lot to say about this new draft.

“No, this is stupid. Ben Simmons is still clearly the best player in that draft.”

“Pascal only has a BC Kawhi Jaylen Clears ring and it’s not very close”

“Ben Simmons actually won Rookie of the Year in his class and made the ALL NBA TEAM.

“Lmao. Siakam has already reached its peak and everything is going downhill. In the final, he is held by Kawai. Brown cannot dribble to save his life. Ingram should be first.”

“Pascal is the only champion on the list. Brown, as the second guy, couldn’t do it, so it’s not an argument that he got ahead of him.”

“No, I’m taking Brown and possibly Ingram, not Siakim. Simmons is too high too.”

“No, Ben Simmons is not the best player in this class, today he will outperform everyone in the match.”

“It’s crazy how people forgot how good Simmons is, the Hawks streak was terrible because of him, he was too indecisive in his shot selection, and even his game was a little worse, but the streak was lost because of Rivers, not because of Simmons. Simmons is in the top five. player from this draft”

“This sucks terribly”

“BI Goes 1. Simmons Too Low”

“Dejonte feels 2 or 2 places down just because of his age. Everything else looks pretty close. Ingram also has reason to be a little taller.”

“Even though Siakam looks disgusting in this jersey, it’s the correct edit, except that Simmons should be 4th”

“Simmons is pretty wild at 8. He was still a star in his last healthy season and can do everything on the court at the elite level except shooting.”

Jaylen should be first, Murray second and Siakam third.

“Just a reminder, Ben Simmons is an All-NBA player. This is one of two players on this list.”

“Ingram 1, Siakam or Simmons 2, Brown 4, Jamal 5, Dejonté 6, Freddie 7, Domantas 8. Ben Simmons refuses to play basketball, but he’s still better than almost everyone on this list.”

“Turn off Simmons and Sabonis and it will be a little more accurate. For those who prefer Ingram over Siakam or Brown, they don’t care about the defensive side of the ball.”

“Let’s talk about myopia and prejudice to the regency. Simmons was a non-professional last season, but he was also an NBA player and ran in the DPOY race. By no means is he in eighth place below Vanvleet and DeJunt.”

“I love FVV, but Dejont Murray should be ahead. In fact, he should also be ahead of Sabonis and Jamal. Ahead of Jamal due to injuries.

“Bee and Murray are better than Brown, I’m sick of it”

Simmons at 8 just yells about novelty addiction. He and Siakam are the only ones selected to the All-NBA teams, and there is absolutely no chance that he will fall out of the top five even after his recent problems.

This list underscores once again how good this draft class was, and after Jamal Murray recovers, an 8th All-Star should come. We hope that the upcoming class of 2022, which headlined by people like Paulo BankeroThe pairing of Holmgren and Jabari Smith Jr. turns out to be as deep as this one.

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