NBA Draft Trial Results: With the Draft Coming, Who Are the Sixers Predicted to Take?

Since our draft draft review last week, the Rockets purchased 26th choice and the Nuggets have added #30.

The 66ers are still in 23rd place, although no one will be stunned if they hand out this pick. (after production). Here is an overview of recent jokes before the real Thursday night in Brooklyn:

Kevin O’Connor, Ringer

Blake Wesley, Notre Dame

O’Connor: “According to sources, the 66ers are looking into the possibility of trading this pick and Danny Green. … If they end up handing out a pick, I believe a raw player with high potential like Wesley will be widely popular. If the 66ers keep it, then the pivot could pay off as they won’t have the No. 1 seed again until 2024, after the Nets delayed this year’s pick to pick Philadelphia in 2023 instead. I bet the 66ers will be worse.”

Jeff Goodman, Stadium

Blake Wesley, Notre Dame

Good man: This season, the South Bend product exploded onto the scene out of nowhere. Wesley wasn’t a good shot from deep, but he did everything else. He’s a strong, athletic, good-sized striker who can put him on the floor, get to the basket, and pull himself up from mid-range.”

Wesley is similar to G League Ignite’s Jaden Hardy in that he is a teenage quarterback with intriguing moments and a talent for scoring who was underperforming in his only post-high school season. Wesley’s shot will take work; his jumper is slightly arched and leaning to the left, and his free throw percentage is below 65.7. He would be a development choice.

Kyle Irving, Sporting News

Kennedy Chandler, Tennessee

Irving: The 66ers were badly lacking in playing prowess and scoring off the bench behind James Harden and Tyrese Maxey. Chandler could fill both of those holes as a lightning-fast defender, aggressive as a scorer, and determined as a playmaker. As his rookie season wore on, he also began hitting 3-pointers with more consistency. Add to that the fact that he’s a pesky ball-handler, and Chandler has all the makings of a reliable backup point guard behind Philadelphia’s starting backcourt.

When the Sixers had 6-foot-10 Ben Simmons, it was easier to imagine a team working on defensive issues while playing with a small forward prospect. While Chandler appears to have potential as a devastating and annoying quarterback, it’s tough for him to earn many postseason minutes as a 6-foot-tall, 172-pound player.

Ricky O’Donnell, SB Nation

Most Likely Pick: Nikola Jovic, Mega Mozzart

Best Choice: Ochai Agbaji

O’Donnell on why Jovic is the most picked on the board: “There have been rumors that Philadelphia could buy this pick as a sweetener in a deal for helping veterans, which makes sense. If they keep the pick, adding an offensive talent like Jovic would be a great addition to the front court in the long run. Jovic is a 6ft 11in Serbian forward who plays confidently on the perimeter and has a lot of scoring tricks. His defense will be an eyesore early in his career, but shooting and possession at this size should come through.”

O’Donnell on why Agbaji is the top choice on the board: “Agbaji will most likely be long gone with that choice, but his 3-and-D skill set could be a good replacement for Danny Green after he tore his ACL.”

Brian Brennan of NBC Sports Philadelphia broke Jovic’s game here. The 22-year-old Agbadzhi may slip a little, but a fall at number 23 would be unexpected. Villanova fans will remember that Agbaji blew 6 of 7 3s against the Wildcats in the Final Four.

David Cobb, CBS Sports

Jalen Williams, Santa Clara

Cobb: “Williams’ stats for his junior season at the Santa Clara are outstanding, averaging 18 points on 39.6% from threes and 55.1% from twos and 4.2 assists per game. How he will transfer to the NBA after playing in the WCC for a team not named Gonzaga is a fair question. But at this stage of the draft, he’s worth it.”

Williams was invited to a green room in a draft. While that doesn’t guarantee anything, it does suggest that shining throughout the pre-draft gave him a good chance of being accepted as a teenager.

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