NBA Draft Sponsorship Activation Requires Arena Integration

At least 16 league marketing partners have stepped up around the NBA draft Thursday night at the Barclays Center. Among the highlights:

state farm (representing partner):

  • Joint event logo
  • NBA TV commercials will run before and during the draft
  • Significant presence on including logo inclusion
  • Show partners integration project
  • The sound of the “choice is ready” bell inside the arena will be the ringing of the state farm.

American Express (hotel partner):

  • Hosting an exclusive Draft ’22 Experience for 150 guests
  • Cardholders will receive group photos during the draft stage and then attend a pre-draft reception in the Qatar Airways Lounge featuring Pelicans G. CJ McCollum
  • They will have their draft viewing slots reserved and receive the New Era Draft Hat.

new era (representing the sponsor of the red carpet):

  • Inclusion of the logo on the red carpet
  • A custom red carpet cap to showcase all 30 New Era team caps.
  • Red carpet extension to arena show
  • Opportunity for 10 NBA Draft Jr NBA Clinic kids to walk the red carpet leading out the inductees
  • New Era hat pedestal on stage with the current team’s draft hat on the clock.
  • Team hat creative will be included in draft stage graphics
  • The New Era is eligible for inductees for the Official Draft Hat from the special New Era gift set.

Google (advertising partner):

  • Arena run space at the jumbotron during the arena pre-draft show
  • A place on the NBA Social Media Circuit for draftees who are Google endorsers to take a selfie after being drafted on a Google Pixel 6 phone.

Panini (advertising partner):

  • Panini to create autograph and memorabilia station for media recruits

Wilson (advertising partner):

  • Arena run seat on video board during arena pre-show
  • Wilson’s basketball will be the centerpiece of all tables in the dressing room of the inductees
  • Wilson will donate private dormitory suites to inductees, which will be open to inductees today and Wednesday.

AT&T (all of the following are associate partners):

  • Signage in place
  • An AT&T arena run reel on a video board during the arena pre-show


  • Signage in place
  • Pre-integration of show partners – DJ cam
  • Each conscript receives a pair of earphones upon arrival to the room.


  • Signage in place
  • Pre-integration of show partners – Fan Cam


  • Four ‘ice’ barrels of product in place next to the media and press conference room.
  • Signage in place
  • Draft partner integration – place to play before the draft


  • Signage in place
  • Draft Partner Integration – Kia NBA Awards Discussions, Rookie of the Year
  • Exterior view of the EV6 car in the plaza at the main entrance to the Barclays Center

Meta quest:

  • Meta will get signage in place
  • Show Partner Integration Project – Johnny Davis VR Headset Video, Fan VR Headset Giveaway
  • The Meta will gift each recruit a virtual headset across the room prior to arrival.

Mich Ultra:

  • Signage in place
  • The Michelob Ultra Courtside Fan Deck will offer 20 guests a unique vantage point between the ESPN and NBA stages.
  • Show Project Partner Integration – Draft Fashion Look Back Video in Drip Cam


  • Signage in place
  • Draft Partner Integration – Nike Notable Picks


  • Branding on draft watches
  • Signage in place
  • Draft Show Partner Integration – Tissot: 24 Challenge (draftees will be interviewed by the host about their new city/team)

Yahoo Sports:

  • Signage in place
  • Integration with draft partners – a place that will be replicated before the draft.

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