NBA Draft: Bulls’ first pick in the air (but aren’t they all?)

It’s NBA Draft Week, and you know what that means: Every sports agency that has a pulse is doing what it does best – claiming to have more than the faintest idea of ​​what’s going to happen on Tuesday. evening in Brooklyn.

Not to mention what will happen to all these candidates after that.

You know what’s best about Sun-Times Bulls beat writer Joe Cowley’s dummy sketch? He mocks this himself, promising that things will go wrong after choosing #4. Here’s how it’s done guys.

But everyone else? They joke themselves. This does not mean that you should let them deceive you.

Who will the Bulls pick 18th overall in the first round? This can be any number of players: EJ Liddell of Ohio State, Tari Eason of LSU, Jalen Williams of Santa Clara, Walker Kessler of Auburn, or none of the above. My money is not for any of the above. And all of this assumes that Bulls chief executive Arturas Karnisovas won’t trade the pick, which is a completely unsafe assumption.

And if the Bulls find their man, what then? Well, he will certainly become a great player. All of them are good in the draft, like Markus Feiser, the No. 4 pick in 2000 (“This guy has everything it takes,” said Kenny Smith) and Eddie Curry, the No. praised Charles Barkley).

Man, what do any of these people know? It reminds me of a Yahoo player who said years ago after the Bulls took him in the first round:

“Hopefully,” he said, “I can come in and do my part and maybe make a difference.”

Pooh rental.

Oh wait: that was Michael Jordan in 1984. No matter.

Here’s what happens:

Mon 20

Avalanche at Lightning Game 3 (7pm, Ch.7)

Bold Prediction: The Bolts won’t lose their second straight game in the Stanley Cup Finals due to a touchdown and an extra point. Look, we’re talking about two-time champions, not the Blackhawks.

Division Series - Chicago White Sox - Houston Astros - Game One

Lynn is back in action.

Photo by Bob Levy/Getty Images

Blue Jays v White Sox (19:10, NBCSCH)

Lance Lynn takes a hit for his second start of the season, but back to what really matters: Which is better, filet or ribeye?

Tue 21

NBA Draft (6:30 pm, Chapter 7, ESPN)

At the start of the week, the top three were Jabari Smith of Auburn (Magic), Chet Holmgren of Gonzaga (Thunder) and Paolo Bankero of Duke (Rockets). After that, all blindfolds and darts.

“Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” (9:00 p.m., HBO)

Forty years after she won her sixth and final US Open title, Chris Evert, 67, who has won 18 Grand Slams in her illustrious career, talks about her battle with ovarian cancer.

Sky at Aces (21:00, CBSSN, CW 26)

By all accounts, the Aces are the best team in the league. Walk on the banners, guess what? Other story.

SR 22

Blue Jays v White Sox (13:10, NBCSCH)

Four starts ago, Lucas Giolito started his day with an ERA of 2.63. Then he went a little off track, two homers from Alejandro Kirk of the Jays happened, blah blah blah…that’s 4.78.

Wolves in Thunderbirds Game 3 (18:05, AHLTV)

The Wolves, the best team in the AHL all season, can’t wait to lift the Calder Cup. And they’ll have fun, fun, fun until the T-Birds are gone.

Avalanche at Lightning Game 4 (19:00, Ch. 7)

Cleanup tonight? Avs are ridiculously good no matter what, but ruining the plans of the Tampa dynasty in four games would be a decisive move.

Thu 23

Pirate Cubs (11:35, Tent)

Pittsburgh’s four-game set is drawing to a close, and we’re all wondering: Is there really a chance any of these teams are good enough to finish the season in third place?

Orioles v White Sox (19:10, NBCSCH)

A four-game set kicks off, and one really has to wonder: if the Sox can’t even go 3-1 against these guys at home, what’s the point?

Sky at Sparks (21:30, Marquee)

The Sparks have already fired coach Derek Fisher, are still trying to get Liz Cambage to work, and have sunk almost to the bottom of the West standings. How did this team win the season opener at Wintrust Arena again?

Fri 24

Cubs at the Cardinals (7:15 pm, Apple TV+)

What says more about baseball than these age-old rivals playing in the shadow of the Arch on a streaming service with announcers no one has ever heard of? Okay, so it’s not ideal.

Sat 25

College World Series Final Game 1 (5:00 pm, ESPN)

Notre Dame? Oklahoma? Arkansas? Mississippi? Whichever team wins it all, the title really should be accompanied by Peyton Manning’s “Omaha!” Reward.

Fire at Dynamo (19:00, UniMas, TUDN)

Last time the Fire went on a 10-game losing streak. Dare we dream of a two-game unbeaten streak?

Sun 26

Cubs at the Cardinals (13:15, Tent)

You have to give credit to the Cards, who are already on their way to a 15th consecutive winning season. They don’t even seem to understand that great organizations have to rebuild once or twice a decade.

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