NBA Draft: Benedict Maturin interviewed by the Wizards, but will he drop to 10?

For those who like to read on the coffee grounds during the NBA draft season, information about which teams the players are training for is always interesting food for thought. Sometimes the list may indicate exactly the range in which they will eventually go to the draft night.

Probably Auburn’s Jabari Smith Jr.’s first overall pick, for example, only worked for two teams: the Magic and the Thunder. They own the first and second peaks.

“I don’t think I’m going to fall below two,” he said during his pre-draft press briefing on Thursday.

For those who are expected to go later, it’s not easy to nail down. Denis Avdia didn’t work out for the Wizards in 2020 because no one thought he would give them ninth place overall. Then he did.

So, all of this should be kept in mind when it comes to where Arizona quarterback Bennedict Maturin has worked so far. During his Thursday press conference, he said there were only three teams. These are the Pistons, Pacers and Blazers; holders of the fifth, sixth and seventh general elections.

If that range is correct, it won’t be available when the Wizards are drafted at No. 10. However, he interviewed the Wizards at the draft combine last month, and he did the same with the ninth-picked Spurs.

If Maturin drops on the 10th pick, he will likely be on the very short list of top players available for the Wizards to pick. He is one of the most explosive players in the draft and is a better-than-average three-point shooter: in college, he hit 38.3% of his threes in 5.0 attempts per game.

Maturin, though, saw his stock skyrocket after the NCAA tournament when he scored 30 points and made a monster dunk against TCU in the second round.

Most of the US couldn’t watch me play. [due to the time zone]. I took advantage of March Madness to showcase my talent and I feel like it was a great chance for people to see what I can do,” said Maturin.

Maturin played two seasons in Arizona. As a sophomore, he averaged 17.7 points and 5.6 rebounds per game.

Mathurin’s hallmark is his intensity and competitive fire. He had a lot of big dunks in college and it was common to see him party passionately after that.

Maturin received praise from NBA scouts for his performance on the court.

“I think that the fire in me was born in childhood. I always wanted to be the best. I love to win, so for me it was all about winning. That’s really where my struggle comes from,” he said.

Maturin explained during a conference call that different parts of his past have shaped who he is today. He thanked his sister for guiding him through life, especially after his brother passed away.

Maturin says the memory of his brother is an inspiration in life and in basketball.

“He is the reason I keep on living every day,” he said.

Maturin also talked about his upbringing in Montreal, Canada. He said fellow Montreal and Thunder guard Lou Dort is the player he most wants to play against in the NBA. Dort is older than Maturin, so they never met on the court despite knowing each other well.

He calls me little brother, but I’m going to show him that it’s me, big bro,” Maturin joked.

If the Wizards get a chance to pick Maturin, and they do, he’ll tick a few boxes in terms of their needs. They need backcourt depth, athleticism, top and outside shots.

Wherever Maturin goes, he believes he can help this team sooner rather than later.

“I may be new, but I want to make an impact right away. I want to come and show people what I can do and just help my team win,” he said.

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