NBA chief urges Nets to trade Buddy Hield

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Buddy Heald #24 congratulates De’Aaron Fox #5 Kings

The 2022-23 NBA season will be a pivotal season for the Brooklyn Nets. After failing to make it past the second round for several seasons in a row, Nets fans are expecting their all-star team of Ben Simmons, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to be champions. But even though Durant, Kyrie and Simmons have made over 20 All-Star appearances, the Nets roster is very busy and needs a couple of role players to make it a complete team capable of battling for the tile.

As we’ve seen in these past playoffs with players like Golden State Warriors center Kevon Looney and Boston Celtics big man Al Horford, role-playing on a team can be the difference between winning and losing a championship. One NBA general manager told Heavy’s Sean Deveney that the Nets should look to Indiana Pacers sharpshooter Buddy Heald to replenish their roster.

“The guy they’re going to be looking at is Buddy Heald while Indiana is chopping something. They certainly don’t have confidence in Joe Harris,” general manager Deveney said.

“So they could send in Harris and Cam Thomas and bring back a guy like Heald, who is a bit of a wild card, but he needs to be in a winning situation that focuses him more. This has never happened before in his career.”

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Nick Wright offers to trade Wild Three Team Nets

This isn’t the first time the Nets have been linked with the Pacers star in a potential deal. Recently FS1 Analyst Nick Wright suggested an exchange of three teams between the Nets, Indiana Pacers, and Los Angeles Lakers, which sends Malcolm Brogdon and Buddy Heald to the Nets.

“What about another deal for the Nets that didn’t really play for the Nets. Rumor has it that he always wanted to be in Los Angeles. We don’t know if he will ever play for the Nets. And maybe it’s a three-way deal, and maybe the Nets are really buying Kyrie, and they’re saying, you know what, we’re not comfortable doing long-term deals for Kyrie and Ben Simmons. Two giant wildcards. Is there any Ben Simmons for Russell Westbrook and any options?” Wright said during the May 30 episode of “First First”.

“Kiri is there, the third team is involved. Like what you say about the Pacers. it [Malcolm] Brogdon and [Buddy] Heald to Brooklyn, Ben Simmons to Los Angeles, and Russell Westbrook and picks from both teams to Indiana. Brooklyn adds some of their picks they got from Philadelphia; Los Angeles makes its own choice.”

Depth is more important than talent for networks

Rich talent gives teams a shot at winning the NBA, but as the last four NBA champions have shown, depth is more important than talent. The 2019 Toronto Raptors, 2020 Los Angeles Lakers, 2021 Milwaukee Bucks, and this year’s Warriors have one thing in common. They had one or two stars around which they built their strengths.

The Nets are already lacking depth, which could be a major problem this offseason. Key players such as Nicholas Claxton, Bruce Brown and Andre Drummond are poised to become free agents this season. This is a problem they need to fix if they want to be title contenders next year.

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