Money Heist Korea: Netflix release date, trailer and cast

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, the new version of the hit Spanish crime drama Money Heist, hits Netflix on Friday, June 24th.

The new Korean series is a remake of the Spanish version of Money Heist that viewers are already familiar with.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Money Heist: Korea – United Economic Zone.

What is Paper Heist: Korea Unified Economic Zone about?

Set in a future where North and South Korea have united – in the Joint Economic Zone of the same name – a group of thieves are plotting to rob JEA’s central bank. While the JEA is ostensibly intended to bring prosperity to all, it has only benefited the already super-rich elite, and this is what prompts the bold attempt to steal £4 trillion (or about £2.5 billion).

The official Netflix synopsis explains that “thieves take over the mint of a united Korea, taking hostages inside; the police must stop the thieves as well as the mastermind behind the robbery.”

Who is starring in the movie Paper House: Korea Unified Economic Zone?

(From left to right) Jung Jung Seo as Tokyo, Lee Hyun Woo as Rio, Jang Yoon Joo as Nairobi, Park Hae Soo as Berlin, Lee Won Jung as Moscow, and Kim Ji Hoon as Denver (Photo: Jung Jae Gu /Netflix)

Yoo Ji Tae plays The Professor, a new version of the character from The Spanish Money Heist. As an actor, he is probably best known for Oldboy and Man’s Future Woman, and as a writer/director, he is probably best known for his debut film Mai Ratima.

Park Hae Soo plays Berlin, one of the most popular characters in the original Money Heist. Park previously starred in the films The Squid Game and Prison Book, as well as the films Quantum Physics: Nightlife and Time to Hunt.

They are joined by Park Myung Hoon (Parasite) as Jo Young Min, Bureau Director of the Mint, and Lee Joo Bin (Law Doctor) as Yoon Mi Sung, Chief Accountant. Both are taken hostage by thieves.

The rest of the cast includes Jung Jung Seo (Burning), Lee Won Jung (Pink) and Kim Ji Hoon (Golden Age of Daughters in Law) among others.

Who writes and directs Paper Heist: Korea Unified Economic Zone?

Kim Hong Sung (“Luka”, “Voiceover”) is the lead director, and Ryu Young Jae (“Psychopath Diary”) is the main writer of the series.

Alex Pina, creator of the original Spanish game Money Heist, is the executive producer of this new iteration of the series.

Is there a trailer for Paper Heist: Korea Unified Economic Zone?

Yes there is. You can watch it right here.

When will Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area be released?

All 12 episodes of Money Heist: Korea will be available to watch as a box set on Netflix starting Friday, June 24.

How many episodes will there be in Paper Heist: Korea – United Economic Zone?

This first series of Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area will have 12 episodes, each about an hour long.

Is this a remake of Money Heist?

Despite some initial confusion when the series was first announced, it has since become clear that yes, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area is a remake/adaptation and not a sequel or spin-off.

Why should I watch Paper Heist: Korea Unified Economic Zone?

Obviously, this will be something to check if you are a fan of the original Money Heist, but it will also be worth your time if you are into Korean drama in general or crime drama in particular.

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