Melanie McGuire on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu or Prime?

Lifetime’s Killer Suitcase: Melanie McGuire is a true crime film that follows Melanie McGuire as she becomes embroiled in adultery and kills her husband in order to start a new life with her new lover. Directed by Nicole L. Thompson, this thriller stars a talented ensemble cast that includes Candace King, Michael Roark, Jackson Hurst and Wendy Malick. If you are intrigued by true crime movies, then you must be looking forward to watching this movie as well. In that case, let us give you all the details you need, including how you can watch the Lifetime Movie!

What is the movie “Killer Suitcase: Melanie McGuire” about?

Based on a shocking real life incident, the story follows the main character, who is a married fertility nurse and mother of two boys. When Melanie falls in love with Brad, a doctor at her clinic, and starts a passionate affair with him, she takes some dubious steps to be with her new lover. She drugs and kills her husband, Bill, and dismembers his body to place the parts in three different suitcases to dump them into the Chesapeake Bay. However, the truth begins to surface as the suitcases are washed ashore on Virginia Beach. Now the investigation is open and Melanie is considered the prime suspect. To find out what happens next, you’ll have to watch the movie yourself, and here’s how you can do it!

Suitcase Killer: Melanie McGuire on Netflix?

No, Suitcase Killer: Melanie McGuire is not available on Netflix. The streaming giant offers similar true crime movies on its platform such as “American Murder: The Family Next Door‘ as well as ‘Murder on the Shore.’

Suitcase Killer: Melanie McGuire on Hulu?

Unfortunately, Suitcase Killer: Melanie McGuire isn’t part of Hulu’s extensive catalog of content. However, you have the opportunity to look at the streamer for other alternatives, such as “Murder to be remembered‘ as well as ‘dead dream.’

Suitcase Killer: Melanie McGuire on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime subscribers will need to look for the Lifetime movie on other platforms as it is currently unavailable on the streaming giant. In the meantime, you can check out similar movies that the streamer offers to its users, including “House of Su‘ as well as ‘The Perfect Victim.’

Suitcase Killer: Melanie McGuire on HBO Max?

If you’re looking for “Killer Suitcase: Melanie McGuire” on HBO Max, you’ll probably be disappointed because it’s not available on the streamer. However, you can use your subscription to watch other similar movies such as “Mom is dead and dear‘ as well as ‘Stairs.’ Although the latter is a TV series, it is also based on a real crime involving the death of a wife, with his husband being the prime suspect.

Where to watch Suitcase Killer: Melanie McGuire online?

Because Suitcase Killer: Melanie McGuire is the movie of a lifetime, you can stream it on Lifetime official website. What’s more, you can watch a real crime movie on Sling TV under the rubric here.

How to stream “Suitcase Killer: Melanie McGuire” for free?

Luckily, Sling TV is offering its new users a 7-day free trial, so you can take advantage of that to stream Killer Suitcase: Melanie McGuire for free. Other than that, there is currently no other way for you to catch the star Candace King for free. We urge our readers not to use any illegal means of viewing the film or any other content for that matter. Instead, paying for the respective platforms tends to support those who have worked hard to bring you the movie.

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