Mario Strikers: Battle League Review – Super Smash Soccer

Mario Strikers: Battle League is a wacky and surprisingly fun soccer game that even sports fans will love. It can get a little tiring if you play too long at once, but the quirky atmosphere and varied mechanics make Battle League one of the best Mario sports games out there.

Mario Strikers: Battle League
Developer: Next Level Games
Price: $60
Platform: Nintendo Switch (review)
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It would be an understatement to say that I am not exactly an athletic guy. I tried to watch and play almost every major sport, but none of them hooked me. Football was the most boring for me, but Mario strives to make even sports attractive to me, so I was ready to give Mario Strikers: Battle League back. I’d say it worked out like Battle League actually pretty cool considering the sport it’s based on.

The main way you will likely play is in cups, which are tournaments that feature teams of four of your choice. You fight team after team in relatively short matches with the goal of winning the coveted trophy at the end. There are quite a few cups to take part in, as well as online for the more enthusiastic. Playing too long can get a little boring, but that may be due to my apathy towards regular football.

The best part Battle League it is mindless violence that you can take part in on the field. Unlike other football games, when someone takes the ball from you, you can hit the back of their head against an electric fence. It’s a little strange to see all these happy, market Mario The characters are so mean and vindictive towards each other, but I love that.

This adds an extra layer of chaos to an already insane field and makes Battle League Feel not so much a simple sports game as a fresh and exciting experience.

You can use elements in a way similar to something like Mario Kart. You break boxes on the field, and then you get things like projectiles and bombs that you can get at any time. This adds an extra layer of chaos to an already insane field and makes Battle League Feel not so much a simple sports game as a fresh and exciting experience. There’s even a fairly extensive equipment system that allows you to dress your team in an eclectic, techno-punk fashion in an eclectic and sometimes comical way. They change your stats as well as your appearance and can be bought with coins earned in the game. This extra bit of depth further strengthens Battle League like a somewhat deep sports game, despite being played by Mario and being as crazy as can be.

Battle League looks great and has a chic art style that is used for special shots. It is not as dark and rough as the previous one. Mario Strikers games, but it still has an advantage over the more carefree atmosphere of other Mario games. Energetic tracks set the mood to beat the ball and friends, but it is not surprising that Mario The game will have good music.

The last word
Mario Strikers: Battle League is a weird and surprisingly fun sports game that combines strong mechanics with a unique atmosphere. If you’re not into sports, it’s best to play in bursts, but for a football match, it’s actually incredibly enjoyable.

MonsterVine Rating: 4 out of 5 – Good

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