‘Man vs. the Bee: Rowan Atkinson’ Netflix release date and trailer

Rowan Atkinson stars in a new Netflix comedy about a man trying to squash a very pissed-off bee.

Man vs. the Bee, the new slapstick comedy series (not a movie) from Rowan Atkinson, hits Netflix on Friday, June 24th.

In the series, Atkinson plays Trevor, a man who sits in a mansion and accidentally breaks a lot of expensive things when he tries to swat a bee.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Man vs Bee.

What is the movie “Man vs. the Bee” about?

Trevor works as a housekeeper and wants to earn some money so he can go on vacation with his young daughter. When asked to stay in an elegant mansion, he was delighted because he must be well paid to cover his vacation.

However, he soon becomes involved in an elaborate battle of wits with a particularly cunning bee and accidentally causes havoc while trying to brush off the bee.

Who is in the cast?

Bee as Bee and Rowan Atkinson as Trevor in Man vs. the Bee (Source: Netflix)

Rowan Atkinson will play Trevor’s babysitter. Do you know Atkinson from his Richard Curtis collaborations like Blackadder and Love, Really, or films like Johnny English, and of course the role of Man vs. the Bee, which is the most reminiscent of his dramatic turn as Detective Maigret. (Or perhaps Mr. Bean. It’s definitely one of the two.)

Jing Luxi plays Nina, the owner of a luxurious mansion. Lucy is perhaps best known for her role in Crazy Rich Asians, but she has also appeared in Gangs of London, Clean, and Stan Lee’s Lucky. Julian Rhind-Tutt (Green Wing) plays Christian, Nina’s husband.

They are joined by Greg McHugh (Fresh Meat, The Word) as a gardener and Tom Basden (After Life) as a police officer. Claudie Blakely (Lennon Naked) plays Trevor’s ex-wife Christine, while Tina Fey (Studio 30) appears as Lorenzo Ruiz.

Bee plays a CGI bee in his first on-screen role. It is unknown if other well-known pop culture bees such as Jerry Seinfeld, Bumble from the New Zealand children’s series of the same name, or the bee from The Swarm were considered for the role.

Who writes and directs Man vs. the Bee?

The series was written by Atkinson along with his frequent collaborator William Davis, with whom he wrote all three Johnny English films. Individually, Davis worked on the films Flush, How to Train Your Dragon and Puss in Boots.

Man vs. the Bee is directed by David Kerr, who directed Johnny English Strikes Again in 2018. He also directed the episodes “Fresh Meat” and “Inside No. 9”.

Is there a trailer?

Yes there is! You can watch it right here.

When can I watch Man vs. the Bee?

Each episode of Man vs Bee will be available to stream on Netflix as a box set from Friday, June 24th.

How many episodes of “Man vs. Bee”?

The series “Man vs. the Bee” has ten episodes, each lasting about 15 minutes.

Where was the film “Man vs. the Bee” filmed?

Man vs Bee is located in Hertfordshire, not far from London. Some segments were also filmed in Aylesbury.

Why bee?

Atkinson said before he thinks that the way he pronounces words that start with B is funny – hence Blackadder, Mr. Bean and so on.

Why should I watch Man vs. the Bee?

He seems to offer classic Rowan Atkinson physical comedy (although it’s admittedly very strange to hear him actually speak in such a role).

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