KSU holds Soccer to C-Suite conference

KENNESAW, Georgia – Chief Operating Officer Kennesaw State Athletics Tamika Smith Jones and several football student athletes along with local anesthesiologist Greg Charlop, along with local anesthetist Greg Charlop, organized the Soccer to C-Suite event at the Carmicheal Student Center on Wednesday.

Charlop is the founder of Soccer to C-Suite, a nationwide series of conferences, books and a corporate workshop program focused on the physical and mental health of girls. Charlop is also a co-founder of the Women’s Sports Forum. His forthcoming book “From Soccer to C-Suite” is due out later this year.

“I just want to thank Greg Charlop for reaching out to me about hosting this Executive Football event on our KSU campus as we celebrate Title IX’s 50th anniversary,” Smith Jones said. “For a woman leader here in Kennesaw, it is very important to understand and build bridges in the community. We want to be intentional about our social impact and make sure we build good partnerships. This is a fantastic event and an opportunity to bring together people from all kinds of industries that will be on our campus.”

The purpose of the conference is to help start collaborations, non-profits and social organizations to help local children. At the event, community leaders spoke about the importance of youth sports for girls and discussed topics on how to get more girls involved in sports.

“I am very happy that I hosted and participated in this event of our student-athletes and trainees. student-athletes in their respective majors and interests,” Smith Jones said. “A key part of my role was to make sure they understand that we are here to partner with them, help promote the meaningful work they are doing, and invite them back to campus at some point. I’m looking forward to meeting some of the pros at our home games.

“Also, it was great to give them access to our student body as a future workforce. Many student-athletes and students who were able to participate were given the opportunity to connect with people who would eventually hire them or provide them with internship opportunities. I think we’ve been introducing the Gold Standard today and I’m looking forward to the future of what’s happening on campus.”

Kennesaw State football student-athletes Morgan Thomas and Isla Swinton joined Smith Jones at today’s conference and spoke about the importance of this event.

“It was a really great experience,” Thomas said. “It allowed us to be surrounded by women who showed their support and encouraged other girls and young women to play sports. It was a great opportunity to network and learn how we can use our sport to propel us towards successful careers outside of athletics. “

“I loved listening to all the passionate people come together to help girls use football and sports to succeed in the future,” Swinton said. “I was inspired to learn about how each person contributes to creating new opportunities for girls every day.”

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