Knicks look to move up in NBA draft as they target Purdue’s Jaden Ivey: report

The Knicks are reportedly looking to move up in the upcoming NBA draft to target hyper-athletic point guard Jayden Ivey in a trade with the Sacramento Kings, who are currently 4th overall.

This was reported by ESPN correspondent Adrian Wojnarowski. the team’s interest in acquiring the best pick and highlighted the Kings’ desire to use their pick to bring in an experienced player as they look to finish their 16-year playoff drought.

“The fourth pick, which the Sacramento Kings own, is very important. There are a lot of teams that are trying to make deals with Sacramento to move up,” said an NBA insider. “Sacramento’s asking price to move there will be significant.”

The Knicks are currently 11th overall in the June 23 draft and will have to shell out significant assets to get this far — and they will be competing with several other teams that are also interested in getting the Kings pick.

Other franchises could be involved in the deal, including the Washington Wizards, Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers, Wojnarowski said.

Many drafting experts believe 20-year-old Purdue boilermaker Jayden Ivey will be the fourth pick. for the trio Auburn big man Jabari Smith, Gonzaga center Chet Holmgren and Duke forward Paolo Banchero.

After those three prospects and Ivey, many insiders believe that the level of talent is dropping significantly, making a potential Top 4 entry a very profitable opportunity.

At 6’4″ and 200 pounds, Ivey recorded an impressive 17.3 points, 3.1 assists and 4.9 rebounds in his second season at Purdue and also led the school to a 3rd-place finish in the NCAA Tournament. They ultimately lost in Sweet 16 against St. Peter’s Peacocks with 15 seeds during his magical transition to Elite 8.

More impressive than his stats, Ivey wowed scouts with his lightning speed and ability to shoot from long range as he recorded a 37 percent shooting percentage last year, making him a tantalizing prospect for any franchise looking to help a point guard.

The point guard later went on to play in the FIBA ​​Under-19 World Championship in 2021, where he helped lead Team USA. win a gold medaland subsequently was named to the Tournament All-Star Team.

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Ivey would fit right in with the Knicks’ young players RJ Barrett, Obie Toppin and Cam Reddish and could play a significant role in building a promising core of young talent at Madison Square Garden.

But the price may be too high and may require moving many of their assets (in the form of young players and future picks) to Sacramento for the privilege of getting a coveted choice.

Other teams in the rumor mill mix, like Detroit and Indiana, have higher picks than the Knicks in this year’s draft, and the Kings may prefer a deal with one of them to avoid sinking into a double game on the board. numbers.

Either way, Ivy reportedly prefers not being drafted by kings.

If the Knicks actually offered enough to make the Kings move (and assuming the closet wasn’t left too empty afterwards), fans would no doubt be thrilled with the move, as New York doesn’t have there was an agreed best option at the point guard position. for several years now.

With aging players like Derrick Rose and Kemba Walker, and overly raw youth like Immanuel Quickly currently in the position, Ivey will almost certainly be the team’s number one option to get the ball on the floor – and, finally, close the hole in the roster. elite gaming perspective.

Athletics in the Ivey family, as his mother is Niel Ivey WNBA veteranand his father and grandfather played football in the NFL for years.

He drawn comparisons Utah Jazz superstar Donovan Mitchell and Miami Heat swingman Victor Oladipo, and is one of the biggest locks to live up to expectations in the NBA with his athleticism and shooting potential.

The NBA draft will take place at the Barclays Center on Thursday night, and until then, the teams will have to work out a deal with Sacramento.

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