K-Drama Netflix ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ Season 1: Everything We Know So Far

tell me your wish season 1 netflix k dorama

Sometime in 2022, a KBS2 drama is coming to Netflix. Tell me your wish. Ji Chang Wook is expected to star. Tell me your desire be incredibly popular among subscribers. In the meantime, we’ll keep track of everything you need to know about Tell me your wish Season 1 on Netflix.

Tell me your wish is an upcoming internationally licensed South Korean drama series Netflix Original from terrestrial television station KBS2. The series is directed by Kim Yong Ahn, who previously directed Damn as well as Cells of love.

When Tell me your wish Netflix release date?

At the time of writing, Netflix has yet to announce a release date. Tell me your wish.

A release date of August 2022 has been added to MyDramaList as a placeholder, however release dates are subject to change. It’s also unclear if the episodes will air bi-weekly or only once a week.

We can confirm that the series will only have 16 episodes.

What’s the plot Tell me your wish?

Yoon Gyo Rae has had a hard life from childhood in an orphanage to spending most of his youth in a juvenile detention center and finally in prison. His turbulent past prevents Gyo-rae from leading a normal life, but due to an incident, he begins volunteering at a hospice where he meets leader Kang Tae-shik and nurse Seo Yeon-joo.

Who is the cast Tell me your wish?

Ji Chang Wook has already been seen twice on Netflix in the past couple of years thanks to his leading roles in In love with the city as well as Sound of magic.

tell me your wish season 1 ji chan wook castnetflix

Ji Chang Wook (center) in Crazy in Love with the City (left) and Sounds of Magic (right)

Choi Soo Yeon has starred in the popular tvN drama. Run onwhere she played the role of Seo Dan A. The actress also made guest appearances in two episodes of the series. Move to heaven.

tell me your wish season 1 cast choi soo young netflix

Choi Soo-young (center) in “Run On” (left) and “Move to Heaven” (right)

However, Sung Dong Il has starred in several original Netflix projects. Tell me your desire this is the first time Dong-il is playing a lead role. He has previously made guest appearances in both seasons. hospital playlist, Chief of Staff 2as well as prison compilation. The actor also starred in minor roles in Sisyphus: myth as well as Live.

tell me your wish season 1 dream dong il cast netflix

Sung Dong-il (center) in Sisyphus: The Myth (left) and hospital playlist (right)

Won Ji Ahn is the least experienced actress out of the four lead roles, having only made her guest appearance in the drama as Moon Young Ok, Hyun Min’s girlfriend in DP

tell me you want to win jian season 1 netflix cast

Won Ji Han (center) in Hope or Drug (left) and DP (right)

Below is a list of actors Tell me your desire;

Role Cast members Where have I seen/heard them before?
Yoon Kye-ri Ji Chang Wook Sound of magic | In love with the city | Suspicious Partner
Seo Young Joo Choi Soo Young Run | Tell me what you saw | 38 task force
Kang Tae Shik Song Dong Il Damned | Trap | Somehow family
Ha Jun Kyung Won Ji An Hope or dope | Potpourri at the end of the year | DP
Yeom Soon Ja Yang Hee Kyung Uninvited family | Goodbye goodbye | Yes, that’s how it is
Choi Deok Ja Kil Hae Yoon Silent sea | Law School | beyond evil
hwang cha yong Yoo Soon Un Nobody knows | Children of the lesser god | pawn
Yoo Seo Jin Jung Che Eun Devil Judge | skipping stones
to be specified Park Jin Joo It’s okay not to be okay | Her personal life | collide
to be specified Park Chung Pyo Infernal | Two weddings and one funeral
to be specified Kim Yanni Makejolly Girls | Strangers from Hell | Dear my friends

Are you looking forward to the release Tell me your desire on netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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