Jitendra Kumar craves love in Netflix sports comedy

Netflix has unveiled the first trailer for its upcoming Hindi-language sports comedy. Jaadugarstarring Jitendra Kumar like a mediocre footballer (footballer, for the rest of the world) who would rather perform tricks. The word “jaadugar” in Hindi is translated as “wizard”.

The trailer introduces Kumar’s character, Meenu, who can hardly pretend to care about the local football tournaments he is forced to participate in because his passion lies elsewhere. We are told that Minwoo would rather be on stage as a magician. But one day he runs into a woman who puts a spell on him, and thus begins a romantic comedy with a character who is very often in Kumar’s wheelhouse.


To win her hand, Minu must lead his football team to the finals of a local tournament. But here’s the catch: he belongs to one of the worst teams, and also the woman he fell in love with doesn’t love him back. Eventually Minu discovers that his training as a showman on stage can come in handy on the soccer field.

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Sports films have recently been making a comeback in India after reaching a climax with an Oscar-nominated epic. Lagaan more than two decades ago, and then Shahrukh Khan-star Chuck De! India in 2007. Earlier this year, the incumbent royal family Amitabh Bachchan filmed by director Reward ManjuleX Jhundbased on the inspiring true story of slum kids who are coached by an idealistic coach to compete in an international soccer tournament.

After becoming an internet sensation after appearing in several viral videos created by The Viral Fever YouTube channel, Kumar landed starring roles in shows such as Cat Factorywhich was acquired by Netflix in the second season, and Prime Video Panchayat. Bollywood came next and Kumar landed a high-profile supporting role opposite. Ayushmann Khurrana strange novel in hindi Shubh Mangal Zyada Savdhan. He also starred in comedy Chaman Bahaarwhich was released on Netflix as an acquisition.

Kumar seems to be revisiting familiar territory with Meenu as the hissing character in Jaadugar seems to bear some resemblance to the one in which he played Chaman Bahaar. To put it mildly, both characters display a marked stalker-like demeanor, unforgivable under any circumstances, but played here as charming.

Producer Sameer Saxena also starring Arushi Sharma as Minu’s love interest and Javed Jaferi as his coach Jaadugar will be released July 15th. The trailer can be viewed here:

Read the official synopsis below:

Jaadugar takes place in the football-loving town of Nimuch. This is the story of Minu, a little magician with no athletic skills, who must prove himself in a prestigious inter-colonial football tournament in order to marry the love of his life. There are only two things against him – the girl doesn’t love him back and his team hasn’t won a single game in years!

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