Jeff Bridges on Hulu’s ‘Stara’, Dakota Fanning on Apple’s ‘Cha Cha Real Smooth’, Chris Hemsworth on Netflix’s ‘Spiderhead’ – airing June 16-22

The summer blockbuster season is fast approaching and yes, there will be something to watch on the big screen this week. But there’s a lot more to see on the small screen this week, including Netflix. Spider starring Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller, director Top Shooter: Maverick Directed by Joseph Kosinski. Netflix also has a third season. Umbrella Academywho again sees the Hargreaves siblings in battle. Sundance Favorites 2022 Cha Cha Real Smooth as well as Good luck Leo Grande available on Apple TV Plus and Hulu, respectively. Hulu also has a highly anticipated Old man starring Jeff Bridges. In the non-fiction arena HBO Max Intelligence is more important than well as Chernobyl: Lost Records while Netflix offers Civil about civil rights lawyer Ben Crump.

Father of the Bride (HBO Max, June 16)

It’s Father’s Day weekend, so why shouldn’t HBO Max capitalize on the Hallmark holiday? The film stars Andy Garcia as a father who is not ready to marry his only daughter. If this sounds like a familiar storyline, it is. The HBO Max movie marks the second remake of the original film, which was released in 1950 and starred Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor. In 1991, Steve Martin played the father of the bride in the successful remake of the film. Why relaunch a classic comedy that’s already hit twice? Because this is Hollywood, and remakes are supposedly win-win. The most notable change in Gary Alazraqui’s 1950 film adaptation is that the family is Cuban-American and lives in Miami. “Just like in 2018. Crazy Rich Asians, Alazraqui’s look combines glossy escapism with storytelling centered on a demographic long relegated to the background in mainstream American films. Two plus decades into the new millennium, this shouldn’t be news, although the father is certainly important for all of these reasons; Basically, it’s just fun,” wrote Entertainment Weekly Leah Greenblatt.

Old Man (Hulu, June 17)

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