It’s NBA draft week; Here are the latest predictions for former Jayhawks Ochai Agbaji and Christian Braun

It’s officially draft week for a handful of former Kansas basketball players who are hoping to be named in Thursday’s NBA draft.

And anxiety, excitement and anticipation of all this is only growing every day.

Five members of the KU National Championship Team have been on at least one NBA team over the past few weeks, and two of them – Ochai Agbaji and Christian Brown – are due to be selected in a 58-pick draft on Thursday night in Brooklyn. , New York.

Agbaji, the 2022 All-American and the most outstanding player in the Final Four, has been considered a first-round candidate for several months now. Many of the most popular current dummy drafts predict he will be selected in the first round of a 14-pick lottery or just beyond. project analyst Jonathan Givoni thinks Agbaji is 14th in Cleveland.

The Caves will look to increase their size and perimeter shots on the flanks during the off-season, both at large and in the draft,” Zhivoni wrote. “Agbaji, one of the best shooters in the draft with a 6-10 wingspan and a chiselled frame, is a ready-to-play 3D prospect who should be ready to make a difference immediately.”

Kyle Boone and David Cobb, both of CBS Sports, also ranked Agbaji 14th behind Cleveland.

Colleague Gary Parrish is the tallest on Agbaji. Parrish, along with The Field of 68 podcast and, drafted Agbaji 10th overall in the Washington Draft on Thursday.

“A good NBA starter may be his ceiling, but the development Agabji has shown from his junior season to senior season has demonstrated his relentless work ethic and ability to improve,” Cobb wrote in his most recent tryout.

Sporting News (15th in favor of Charlotte) and HoopsHype (16th in Atlanta) are predicting that Agbaji will be out of the lottery, which includes 14 teams that missed the 2022 playoffs.

Brown’s positioning was slightly more fluid. While several picks placed him late in the first round during May, when he performed well in the pre-draft, the latest picks for Brown were split between a late first round and an early second round.

Zhivoni, who long fielded Brown at No. 28 in the first round at Golden State, now ranked Brown 32nd overall behind Orlando. This is the second choice of the second round. And while the difference between guaranteed money in round 1 and gambling in the second round used to be huge, in recent years many players have shown that good money and a long career can be made after being picked early in the second round.

However, there are still those who consider Brown to be a first-class player.

Cobb sent Brown number 27 to Miami.

“Brown is a dynamic forward who can defend from 1 to 4, knock down three-pointers and get to the basket,” Cobb wrote. “By turning down another season in Kansas in which he could have been a superstar, Brown made a bet on himself.”

Parrish also holds Brown in high regard. He put him on the 25th pick in the first round from San Antonio.

Sporting News also considers Brown a first-round player, suggesting he will go with the final first-round pick, 30th overall, to Denver.

The Nuggets purchased this pick from the Thunder and I’ve seen them aim for wing depth – especially with shooters and cutters – in addition to (two-time MVP Nikola Jokic),” Kyle Irving wrote in his latest update. “Brown is the type of 3D player who can do well against a playmaker of the caliber of Nikola Jokic. … Brown is doing everything he can to help the team and the Nuggets could use a player who plays winning basketball like him as they want to compete immediately when they are back at full strength next season.”

Kyle Boone predicted Brown to move to 43rd overall with the Los Angeles Clippers, and HoopsHype ranked Brown 35th pick by Orlando early in the second round.

Agbaji was one of 20 prospects invited to sit in the Barclays Center green room on draft night. Brown and his family are also expected to be in New York for the draft, which is due to start at 6:30 p.m. and will be televised on ABC and ESPN.

Kansas Coach Bill Self believes many sham drafts are in the right range.

“CB has put himself in the position to be in the last part of the first round and I think that’s very realistic,” Self said recently. “And Ochai (going) in the last part of the lottery, I think it’s very realistic. So, yes, it would be great if their names were called in these positions. But the names that are called in these positions are (not) as important as how they get to the place where they really fit, where they can really develop and show what they are capable of.

Mitch Lightfoot (Charlotte), Remy Martin (Atlanta and Los Angeles) and David McCormack (Los Angeles) have also been training with NBA teams in recent weeks. None of these former Jayhawks are expected to be drafted, but they could all quickly catch up with the NBA team as free agents ahead of the upcoming NBA Summer League.

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