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Charles Cheney, sports editor for BCTG.

This spring has been one of the most successful football seasons in terms of the county’s overall success. It seemed that at some point, each of the five district football schools—Andover, Andover Central, Augusta, Circle, and Rose Hill—was on a heater of some kind. This led to some difficult decisions.

Congratulations to Andover on reaching the final eight of Class 5A. They were 80 minutes away from the Stryker date in the class 5A semi-finals. They will bring back a lot of talent next season. What Stephanie Garcia has done at Andover Central this season cannot be overlooked. She suffered several injuries this year, but led her team to the regional final against Eisenhower, which also ended Andover’s season. Circle allowed McPherson to double the OT before losing in the quarterfinals to 4A. Rose Hill advances to the regional finals but is beaten by Carly Kanaga and Mulvane. Augusta won six matches in a row and reached the regional final against Bühler, who finished second in 4A.

Fantastic seasons for all district teams this year.

When I sat down to assemble the county football team, I had to make a decision: would I put the players in their “positions” and put the “best” linebacker on this list or your best No. 9 (your center forward). In the end, I went with “positions”. I’m adding brackets because football positions change so much in the game. You change formation, players move up and back. Defenders press and can take hits and score goals.

It’s worth noting that we’ve added another “choice” for midfield and striker positions. I didn’t originally intend to do it, but we did it last season, so I will continue to do it this season.

These are not all league rosters. Coaches did not vote on this issue. This is not a list of all states, again without the participation of coaches. This is a listing from the Butler County Times-Gazette. I have my freelancers and we talked about who was the best player we’ve seen this year and we put together the best lineup we could come up with.

All problems, questions, complaints should be sent to my e-mail.

Previous winners

Forward of the Year: Brooklyn Hunter, Circle

Defensive Player of the Year: Kenzie Gillispie, Circle

Coach of the Year: Andrew Stauffer, Circle

Coach of the Year Kevin Lowe, Andover

Kevin Lo continues to make the Andover program something special. Before his arrival, the Trojans before the law were a club of less than 0,500 people. His first year was hampered by COVID, but the two years he has been on the field with his girls has been nothing but success. Last season they won 13 games and this season they have moved up a notch.

They had several mercy wins and were impressive defensively. They finished the season with six clean sheets and advanced to the 5A quarter-finals for the first time in years. What he did to change Andover – and do it so quickly – is what stands out when you think of Coach Lo. The girls implemented his game plan from day one and it showed immediately by winning the Goddard tournament. They will be ranked for most of the season. Although the season didn’t end the way Coach Law or his team wanted, there weren’t many tears shed after the loss to Eisenhower. They want to go to the next stage and they know that next season they will bring back a lot of talent to be able to do it.

Defensive Player of the Year

Hannah Stipp, Krug

We have some very good goalkeepers in the area. There is Brooklyn Lynch from Andover, who was chosen by all the leagues. There’s Avery Mason from Central, who was elected from the entire state. Peyton Childers and Lizzy Priddy, sophomores who share time in Augusta, and freshman Carrigan Dellinger from Rose Hill, played game after game.

However, no one stood out as Hannah Stipp stood out. The junior, who is set to forgo his senior season by signing up for North Dakota State in January, played in the game after playing for the Lady Thunderbirds at Circle. While the youth on the team, at least five rookies who started, found their footing, it was Stipp who supported their matches.

Her match against Maize South was next level. She set a school record by helping the Lady T-Birds to a 1-1 draw in a game where Maze South had netted all night. Time and time again, Stipp’s ability to make dazzling saves has eclipsed everyone. As the team grew, the defense improved and Stipp’s brick wall became even more dangerous.

In the end, the 4A first team goalkeeper finished with six clean sheets. She helped Circle keep opponents one goal or less on 12 different occasions. Stipp was part of a defense that kept opponents scoreless for over 269 minutes in a dominant stretch this season.

Forward of the Year

Portia Zweifel, Augusta

There have been plenty of nines this season that are as deadly on the ball as Zweifel is to Augusta. Ivolga Sr. distinguished herself by beating her defender and finding the right place. During her run this season, she helped the Orioles change their season. They picked up six straight victories on their way to hosting a playoff game for the first time in several years.

Zweifel was a big part of that. Perhaps her influence was not only in the fact that she scored goals or handed out assists. She played her part on offense by controlling how teams defended, garnering attention and allowing her teammates to succeed. This is a big reason why Augusta was able to go for such a tear.

The turning point for Zweifel was the match against Buehler on 21 April. At 1-1, she passed and went 68 yards down the field, blasting through Buehler’s defense. She sent the ball over the net and past the goalkeeper to the winner of the game with five seconds left.

Coaches saw it too. They selected her first team in the league and named her second team All-State.

This season, helping Augusta reach the regional final, she has scored 11 goals and provided four assists. It makes sense that she would have been so successful, given that she was able to almost repeat it last season.

All-Ukrainian football team 2022


Hanna Stipp, Krug, junior


Allison Bell, Andover Central, junior

Jasmine Brown, Andover Central, junior

Ava Lowe Andover Sr.

Ashlyn Stipp, Circle, freshman


Peyton Childers, Augusta, sophomore

Rose Loyle, Andover, junior

Omnia Thompson, Andover Central, Sr.

Paige Winter, Rose Hill, freshman


Brinkley Bell, Andover Jr.

Milan Hunter, Krug, freshman

Mary Metz, Andover Central, junior

Portia Zweifel, Augusta, Sr.

Honorable mention

Andover: Caitlin Aung, sophomore; Lauren Brown, Sr.; Brooklyn Lynch, sophomore; Emily McKay, Sr; Jessica Peterson, Jr.; Carly Smith Jr. Andover Central: Ellie Damico, freshman; Haven Dekinger, sophomore; Avery Mason, sophomore; Nancy Stefanek, Jr.; Carlin Wilson, freshman. Augusta: Emily Brundage, sophomore; Grace Dalziel, Jr.; Charlize Lichliter, Sr.; Lizzy Priddy, sophomore; Bronleya Tees, sophomore; Chloe Wells, Sr. Circle: Avery Cantwell, freshman; London Hunter, Jr.; Mia Fox, sophomore; Lindsey Mundina, Jr.; Londin Soto, freshman; Kaia Thornton, sophomore. Rose Hill: Ava Markley, freshman; Lauren Henderson, Sr.; Neva Johnson, freshman; Paige Loek, sophomore; Kirsten Lucent, junior; Haley Murray, Sr.; Ella Swearingen, Jr.

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