If you liked Stranger Things, you’ll love these 16 movies

When is the Netflix series very strange things First lighting up the Christmas lights in 2016, he found the winning formula with ’80s nostalgia, supernatural horror, and a group of stubborn and tight-knit kids.

It’s a special show and it’s not easy to replicate the feeling you get while watching it. But now that we’re facing week break between two volumes of the same season, on top of the years of gaps between season and season, I knew it was time to pull out my flashlight and start looking for something similar.

Take a chance below and you’ll find a list of shows that are related to Stranger Things in one way or another. You may find something to fill that frightening void after the season. Get ready for otherworldly creatures, touching friendships, and lots of kids on bikes.

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Films in the style of “Stranger Things”

Paramount Pictures

Where to broadcast: HBO Max

No list of this kind would be complete without Super 8, directed by Star Wars director JJ Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg. In the summer of 1979, while filming a homemade zombie movie, a group of teenagers witness a truck collide with a train. Unexplained events continue to shake the area. For mystery, some supernatural action, and young friends who ride bikes and use walkie-talkies, give this one a watch.

Columbia Pictures

Where to broadcast: You can rent Fright Night for $3 on services including Amazon and Vudu.

In this slightly creepy horror film, teenager Charlie Brewster (yes, that’s his real name) discovers a dark secret – his neighbor is actually a vampire behind several disappearances in their Iowa town. For an 80s-esque tale of teenagers fighting monsters, with fantastic special effects (and I’d say smoking hot vampires), Fright Night is the place to be.


Where to broadcast: You can rent Ghostbusters for $3 from services like Amazon and Vudu.

We know four best friends who would give Ghostbusters a Marshmallow-sized seal of approval. A memorable scene in the second season of Stranger Things is when Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will dress up in flashy Ghostbuster costumes to school…only to find out no one else dressed up for Halloween. In their honor, spend some time with Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver and the rest of the cast of this beloved comedy.

Red Coast Films

Where to broadcast: Prime Video

Carrie is the target of ruthless bullies in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s cult novel from 1976, much like our Eleventh Girl, who faces vicious mean teenagers this season of Stranger Things (culminating, of course, in a Carrie-esque scene on the commercial). rink). At Stephen King’s called seasonal “riff Carrie”, though he didn’t explicitly say what he meant. Either way, you should watch Oscar-nominated Sissy Spacek as prom queen at least once in your life. Why not now?


Fear Street Trilogy (2021)

Where to broadcast: Netflix

Yes, I count it as three films. When Netflix released parts of Fear Street last summer, I had no idea what kind of fun it would be. There is an element of nostalgia here: the first film takes the events to the 90s, the second – to the 70s, and the third – to … the 1600s, because who does not like to look back lovingly at hats and sleeves with puffed sleeves. Kidding! If you liked the focus on Max (Sadie Sink) this season, the actress is an important part of this trilogy.

Warner Brazzers.

Where to broadcast: HBO Max

This horror film dealt another cruel blow to the reputation of clowns. Based on Stephen King’s classic book, the film pits six lovable outcasts against a sewer-loving supernatural creature. The Duffer Brothers, creators of Stranger Things. recognized great influence of the book on the series. You will also notice Finn Wolfhard (aka Mike) among the cast of the film.

Johnny Cournoyer

Where to broadcast: FuboTV, Paramount Plus

John Krasinski’s tense horror film about a family trying to survive a monster apocalypse is far more harrowing than Stranger Things, but there are some similarities. As Millicent Simmons, you’ll find a fearless young heroine that the Stranger Things kids would love to have on their team. See how she and the others deal with the terrifying creatures that attack when they pick up sound.

Gunpowder and sky

Where to broadcast: AMC Plus, shudder

Can a movie be too much very similar to “Stranger Things”? The first 20 minutes of “Summer of ’84” evokes so many “isms” from Stranger Things that it’s impossible not to compare it to your favorite show. Walkie-talkies, bikes, synth music, strange disappearances, and teenage friends hot on the trail of a criminal – it’s all here. But since you are browsing through this list, it may mean that it meets all your requirements.


Where to broadcast: It’s free with ads on Tubi. You can also rent Coraline for $3 from services like Amazon and Vudu.

“Kids vs. Evil Forces from a Parallel Universe” can be described as “Very Stranger Things” and so is this animated children’s horror film with stop-motion animation. And both are great choices for your evening.

Cinema New Line

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Where to broadcast: Netflix, HBO Max

The cold ending of the first episode and what happened to Eddie after that seemed vaguely familiar to me while watching the fourth season. Then it dawned on me – A Nightmare on Elm Street. If you’ve been digging through this season of the show, it’s time to revisit the 1984 horror classic. Another fun fact: Victor Creel, the former victim of Vecna ​​that Robin and Nancy meet in episode 4, is actually played by original Freddy Krueger actor Robert Englund.

Warner Brazzers.

Where to broadcast: HBO Max

Are children’s adventure films becoming more classic than The Goonies? A squad of excellent young men sets off on a dangerous search for hidden treasures. Since booby traps and unfamiliar terrain are clearly not enough, they are also being watched by a mafia family. If, like me, you were too intimidated by the horror elements in this movie as a kid to fully appreciate it, then it’s definitely worth revisiting.

Universal Pictures

Alien (1982)

Where to broadcast: Pavlin, FuboTV

After spending so much time with Stranger Things season 4 villain Vecna, I suppose meeting a kindly imaginary being like ET sounds pretty good (it’s certainly well deserved). Open the box of Reese’s Pieces and look.

Sony Pictures

Where to broadcast: It’s free with ads on the Roku channel. You can also rent Goosebumps for $3 on services like Amazon and Vudu.

When hordes of monsters from R.L. Stine’s cult Goosebumps invade the real world, Jack Black and several teenage actors team up to defeat them. This family-friendly horror comedy is more trite than Stranger Things, but it can take the spotlight off the pause in the supernatural show.

Warner Bros Pictures

The Neverending Story (1984)

Where to broadcast: It’s free with ads on Tubi. You can also rent The NeverEnding Story for $4 from services like Amazon, Vudu, and iTunes.

This may be a wild card, but it’s a must for Stranger Things fans or those who missed the movie as kids. Adventure, a friendly dragon, and child heroes are all part of the pie. And you can finally sing the title song with Dustin and Susie when you rewatch Season 3 Episode 8.

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