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Brazil wrote a page in football history in front of a crowd of 110,000 at the Aztec Stadium here when they beat Italy 4-1 in their ninth World Cup final to become the first team to win the tournament three times.

The Brazilian champions of 1958 and 1962 become permanent winners of the Jules Rimet Trophy, a shining symbol of world football’s excellence for 40 years.

Seconds before the final whistle, the Brazilian fans took to the pitch in triumph and the ball disappeared. The match continued with a new one.

Brazil owe their epic triumph to a display of attacking power in the second half, in which they found the key to Italy’s defensive system.

Brazil looked like they were on their way to victory when ‘King’ Pelé put them ahead in the 18th minute. But Italy equalized on the run thanks to Roberto Boninsegna eight minutes before half-time.

Italy seemed completely lacking in attacking ideas. apart from occasional threats, but forwards Lulgi Riva and Roberto Boninsema. And too often, these two remained isolated.

Brazil were allowed to dominate throughout the match, but it was in the second half that they displayed the incredibly subtle football skills that earned them a worldwide reputation.

Brazil owe their stranglehold in the second half to the complete control of the midfield that Gerson, Clovaldo and Rivellino gained.

These three tireless guys from the engine room kept the hitters flowing. Pele, Tostao and Jair.

The frontmen, changing positions with stupefying speed, stretched the Italian defense to the limit, and in the last half hour the Brazilian superiority was such that if it was a boxing match, the referee would have stopped it.

The Brazilians were gaining momentum as the game progressed, but they were thrown out of the game in the 37th minute when Glodoaldo allowed Boninsegna to advance through a defensive error to equalize.

Eight minutes later, Pele again dangerously scored the ball against the Italians. but amid general confusion, East German referee Rudy Glockner signaled that he had already blown his whistle for half time.

The second half went almost non-stop with one-way traffic. However, it was only a matter of time before the gold-shirted Brazilians regained the lead.

Amazing shot

The Brazilian’s goal came on the cards in the 59th minute when Pelé kicked a free-kick to Rivelino, whose stunning 30-yard left footed keeper Enrico Albertosi but ricocheted off the top of the crossbar.

It was just a delay of the inevitable, and five minutes later, Everaldo threw a powerful pass to Gerson, and the bald linebacker “The General” landed a stunning 25-yard left leg kick – his first coal of the tournament.

This goal inspired the Brazilians to even greater efforts, and six minutes later they scored with an advantage. Pele passes to Jair, who made a mistake on the first try, but still managed to score the ball into the net.

This goal. his seventh place gave Yair a second 01 ace behind West German Gerd Müller who scored 10 goals in the tournament.

Brazil reserved their best goal until the last minutes. when Jair, Tostao and Pelé tore through the Italian defenses. with Pele’s last pass to Carlos Alberto, the defender came out on the right.

The Brazilian captain ran a few yards. then struck a powerful blow with his left foot to the far post.

Teams. Brazil: Felix: Carlos Alberto. , Brito. Piazza. Everaldo: – Gerson, Claualdo. Rivelino Jair. Tostao and Pete. Italy. Albertosi Burguich. Sera, Rosato Fachetti: Domenghini. De Sisty; Bertini, Mazzola (Rivera). Boninceana and Riva.

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