How Steve Kerr outplayed Ime Udoka in the NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors – 2022 NBA Champions! After winning Game 6 in Boston, the Warriors were victorious. Steph Curry was great and Steve Kerr’s settings were flawless.

The Celtics and Ime Udoka lost the series, but they have a great young roster that can compete for many more years to come.

On the other hand, the Warriors showed what it means to have a lot of experience in the playoffs. They didn’t let their losses affect them and their win in Game 6 was incredible.

Steve Kerr made huge adjustments after losing Game 1 and completely replaced Ime Udoka for the remainder of the series.

5 major adjustments made by Steve Kerr

5 – Steve Kerr Adjusted Warriors Defense

Terrible defensive play in Game 1 saw the Celtics hit 50.6% and 51.2% from the three-point line. Steve Kerr did a much better job adjusting the defensive game plan.

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Despite the Celtics trying to hunt for Steph Curry on many properties, the Warriors were able to play defensively. They forced losses and stopped Boston from scoring.

With this incredible defense, Jason Tatum ended the streak with just 36.7%. It was one of the worst shots in NBA Finals history.

4 – The bench was X-Factor

Despite Steph Curry’s fantastic performance in the NBA Finals, the Warriors got a lot of results off their bench. While everyone was expecting a good performance from Jordan Poole, some other players have done a decent job.

Jason Tatum just can’t handle Nemanja Belitsa 😅 For a guy who is called “Professor’s Big Shot” in many countries, his defense was key in important moments of this series!

In particular, Steve Kerr used Gary Payton II and Nemanja Bjelica more often, and they eventually made a difference.

Gary Payton II did great in the NBA Finals despite his injury. Belitsa was praised for his efforts, especially in defense. His defense on the wings of the Celtics was amazing.

3. Using Steph Curry in pick-and-roll games.

Steph Curry is the best shooter of all time, but he’s also much bigger. Steve Kerr knows how versatile a point guard is, which is why he has used him in many NBA Finals pick-and-roll plays.

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Draymond Green and Kevon Looney have tested the four-time NBA champion most often. They did a fantastic job helping Curry break the Celtics defense.

In most situations, the Celtics had to bring in a defenseman to help. It wasn’t ideal, given that the Warriors had a lot of deadly shooters knocking down shots from Curry’s pass.

2 – Andrew Wiggins was a great two-way player on the show.

Steve Kerr made the most of Andrew Wiggins in the NBA Finals. Wiggins even scored 26 points in the deciding Game 5 to lead the Warriors to a 3-2 team lead over the Celtics.

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What stood out about Wiggins was his amazing defense, more specifically his defense against Jason Tatum. He played against him almost every minute of the 5th and 6th games and did a great job.

Wiggins tied with Draymond Green on controversial shots on the rim and he limited his opponents to only 50% of shots in that area.

1 – Steve Kerr kept the Celtics from taking a break

The Golden State Warriors are one of the most dangerous three-point teams. When they start making rain, it’s over.

It was the story of Game 6 when the Warriors went 21-0, the longest streak in the last 50 years in the NBA Finals.

Kerr is very experienced and has won championships as both player and head coach. The Celtics, on the other hand, are a young team with a rookie head coach.

Kerr knew such a long run would mentally beat the Celtics, and that’s exactly what happened. Taking the lead in the first quarter, the Warriors never looked back and ended up winning their fourth championship in eight years.

It is important to note that it was not only the hot hand of the Warriors. Their defense was a big reason for this run. Once again, they won the game after a lot of losses.

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