How should the 66ers approach the 2022 NBA draft? Q&A with Jake Rosen

In previous years I have been immersed in search NBA draft. But my situations and responsibilities have changed, forcing me to switch to something else. To help myself and Philadelphia 76ers As fans gear up for Thursday, I enlisted the help of Cerebro Sports’ Jake Rosen. Jake is one of the best drafts available to us. Follow him on Twitter @JakeInThePaint if you haven’t already and read his work. You will become a big basketball fan, I am sure of it.

Okay, let’s start with a question about macros. How do you differentiate—or how would you—draft philosophy for a rebuilding team versus a team like the 66ers that wants to finally take the final step and become a title contender?

The 66ers have no time to waste. Joel Embiid is at his peak, and the 66ers have a responsibility to surround him with a team that can compete for the title. It goes without saying that this adds a certain level of pressure to win on the pitch that other organizations may not feel. In terms of philosophy, Philadelphia doesn’t have much time for projects or potential clients, which may take two to three years to acclimate. They need players who can step in from day one and make a difference.

In the same way, how should this philosophy influence Philadelphia’s approach to this project?

Stay away from swings or gambling. There are many older, more predictable prospects that should linger when Philadelphia is on the clock. As I will discuss later, there are a few goals that I would really like to see in Philadelphia, and they all seem to be within their reach. I would remain patient, let the board fall, and then make a sonic choice based on production and providing the necessary skill set that could help Philadelphia in some way this year.

What do you consider to be the most pressing needs of the Sixers and does this project offer solutions to those problems?

I think Philadelphia can go one of three ways. I would say he needs extra protection, steady wing assistance and a backup center. I’m not thrilled with any of the big players other than Jalen Duren and Mark Williams, who are likely to be out of the board by age 23, so I’d rather work this out with a free agent or internally, depending on how you are confident. Paul Reed.

I’m expecting another leap from Tyrese Maxey, but James Harden’s future as a mega-creator seems a little bleaker than Philadelphia might have hoped. Given Matisse Tiboule’s offensive limitations that show up in the playoffs, I think it’s important to get more help on the flanks, with an emphasis on adding Embiid and defenders.

There are very few guards in the 2022 draft, so Philadelphia may be better in the veteran market in England, but there is one goal that I really like for them. The wings group is certainly deeper and filled with proven, scalable and promising players that Philadelphia can introduce as part of the rotation.

Who is your favorite 66ers target at 23 and why?

The only guard is Kennedy Chandler. He is lightning fast and has shown the ability to break down defenses with his speed and grip. Chandler is a very competent PnR handler who can help build a half court game. Most importantly, despite being only 6 feet tall, he excelled off the ball as an attacking and hitting player. In addition to his creativity, his comfort and ability to influence Philadelphia’s more established talent make him intriguing.

As for the wings, Jalen Williams is my favorite name here. At 6ft 6in, he is one of the best PnR handlers in the entire draft and can also set the floor for the Philly stars. Projecting him as a minor creator is easy, and while he doesn’t provide the splash that Chandler has, his frame and positional size make him an easier bet to make an immediate contribution.

Another name I will mention is Marjohn Beauchamp. He doesn’t bring the same creativity as Williams, but if his fifth-position shot becomes stable, Beauchamp could be a valuable two-way flank to fill in the gaps.

*Editor’s Note: Chandler and Beauchamp are among the few potential clients with +1000 chance for Draft Kings to finish in the top 5. So there’s certainly a chance none of them will be on the board when the 66ers pick 23.

There is often talk of Philadelphia packing this pick in exchange. Obviously you don’t know what the hypothetical deal is, but in a vacuum would you favor keeping or exchanging that choice? For any answer, why?

I do think Philadelphia has some good goals at 23, but in the timeline I certainly wouldn’t blame them for packing him up for a more established NBA talent. I think the 66ers know what their needs are and if they feel they can test this short term cell better with a deal, I will definitely understand and be supportive.

Currently, the 66ers have no second-round pick. Are there any potential undrafted players that you think could be of some value to them?

UDFA is always a gamble, but I like it MichiganThis is Gabe Brown. He was shooting 38.2% from depth with 10.8 3PA per 100 possessions at 6-7 from the long frame. He won’t offer much dribbling juice, but Brown could probably carve out a few minutes as a floor spacer with good size and defensive versatility.

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