How many interceptor bases does the US have?

The Interceptor is a thrilling adventure film about an army captain defending the last Interceptor base, but how true is it?

Warning: SPOILERS for Interceptor forthcoming.

Netflix Interceptor explores what would happen if terrorists took over and disabled US interceptor bases to launch a missile attack on the country; that’s how accurate the movie is and how many interceptor bases the US actually has. Interceptor was co-written and directed by action writer Matthew Reilly and stars Elsa Pataky as the protagonist, Army Captain JJ Collins and Luke Bracey as terrorist leader Alexander Kessel. When the Fort Greeley interceptor base in Alaska is attacked early in the film, JJ Pataki soon finds himself the United States’ last line of defense against nuclear ballistic missiles on the SBX-1 naval interceptor platform.


Unlike red noticewhose budget was one of the biggest at Netflix, InterceptorThe budget was supposed to be below $15 million as this is Reilly’s directorial debut. Reilly put forward the basic idea behind Interceptor when it became clear that he would not be able to accept any of his novels, as their proper film adaptation would require blockbuster funding. Interceptor however, it managed to be action-packed, although it was filmed in a limited number of locations—mostly in one set—and in just over one month. The Netflix action-adventure may have left critics and some viewers unmoved, judging by its low ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, but it also soared to number one on Netflix’s Top 10 Movies list the weekend of its release, with 35.6 million hours watched in total. .

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InterceptorThe film’s premise revolves around JJ protecting the SBX-1 because it is the US’s last defense and if it falls, enemy missiles will hit US targets unhindered. In reality, however, the US Ground-Based Anti-Missile System, which is a missile defense system designed to intercept enemy warheads and destroy them before they reach their target, has 44 ground-based interceptors. They are deployed at military bases in the states of Alaska and California, by 2023 another 20 ground-based interceptors will be ready for use, bringing the total number of interceptors to 64.

Interceptor Base Fact Checking: How Accurate Is It?

Although the isolated offshore floating platform responsible for the name SBX-1 exists in real life, it is not armed with interceptor missiles, as Interceptor depicts. Indeed, due to the nature Interceptor this is a film about a lone hero in an isolated setting protecting him from a group of villains, much like the famous Bruce Willis franchise. tenacious, it is logical that interceptor missiles would also be on the offshore platform. In fact, the X-Band Sea-Based Radar (SBX-1) is a one-of-a-kind mobile early warning radar that can be moved to areas where enhanced missile defense is required. Like fixed radars, the SBX-1 can only cover a limited area, but because it is built on a ship that can be moved, this reduces the coverage limit; the same cannot be said for stationary radars.

In the end, Interceptor discovers that JJ manages to launch interceptor missiles that destroy all enemy missiles that are about to fall on US soil. Although, fortunately, in reality, nothing of the kind happened; based on tests conducted between 1999 and 2019, the effectiveness of ground defenses on the average course was 55%. Not being particularly realistic Interceptor still proves to be an entertaining movie that seems to be very popular with Netflix viewers.

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