How did Juancho Hernangomes land the role of Bo Cruz in Hustle?

The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic two years ago was instrumental in getting Juancho Hernangomez one of the main characters in the new Adam Sandler movie. Fusswhich was released on Netflix earlier this month..

Hernangomez, a real-life Utah Jazz NBA player, plays Bo Cruz, a construction worker discovered on a Spanish basketball court by Sandler’s Stanley Sugerman, a Philadelphia 76ers talent scout.

Sugerman, whose goal is to grow from scout to assistant coach with the 76ers, is setting about turning his gruff protégé into a promising player capable of breaking into the US elite basketball league.

Hernangomez has been referred to as a “natural” on screen.

Hernangomes, whose brother Willy also plays in the NBA, received praise for his performancein a film that was generally well received by critics.

26 year old described Bilge Ebiri of Vulture as “natural in movies” and Courtney Howard of The A.V. Club writes that he “becomes Sandler’s formidable on-screen partner, demonstrating vulnerability and subtle grace.”

Meanwhile in Empire Magazine Amon Warmann He speaks Hernangomez is “unsurprisingly great on the court, and also demonstrates Cruz’s naïve vulnerability when the focus shifts from basketball to family.”

Juancho Hernangomes as Bo Cruz (left) and Anthony Edwards as Kermet Wilts in Hustle.


Juancho Hernangomes as Bo Cruz (left) and Anthony Edwards as Kermet Wilts in Hustle.SCOTT YAMANO/NETFLIXScott Yamano/Netflix

“I never wanted to play”

Speaking with variety This week, however, Hernangomez said he had no desire to pursue acting until Covid-19 forced the suspension of the 2019-20 NBA season in March 2020.

I never wanted to act, it was not my dream,” he said. “It’s still not my dream. My agent called me before covid trying to get me to audition for a movie but I was focused on basketball at the time. I told him no for about five months.

“But then covid starts, basketball stops and I have nothing else to do. I was in quarantine with my brother and missed it so much. My sister pushed me to audition.”

According to Hernangomez, after an online audition, he was called to Philadelphia ahead of filming, which began in the city of Pennsylvania in late 2020.

I think there were two or three Zoom audition calls.. Adam was there from the very beginning, he watched all the calls, and the last one was with him.

“Then they told me that I should come to Philadelphia in the summer and they put me in touch with an acting coach. Her name is Noelle Gentile and as soon as I met her, she became one of the best people I have ever met. She worked with me so much that we made three or four zoom calls a week all summer long. Everything I did right was because of her.”

Most difficult scene? “Actually, basketball!”

Asked what aspects of his role he finds most challenging, Hernangomez said: “Actually, basketball scenes! I mean, I used to play basketball, but it was hard to play again and again and then wait 30 minutes to change cameras. I sat down and warmed up again. Stopping and starting was weird.”

Fuss: watch the trailer

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