Highlights: Costa Rica 1-1 Jamaica in 2022 CONCACAF U-20 Championship | 06/18/2022

20:02 an hour ago

The game is over

The match is coming to an end, thanks for joining us on the stream Costa Rica 1-1 Jamaica match, we are waiting for you in VAVEL for more transfers.

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19:582 hours ago


FINE! Foul in the penalty area and the second penalty in favor of Jamaica.

19:502 hours ago


5 more minutes added.

19:382 hours ago

Costa Rica strikes first!

19:372 hours ago


REFUSAL! Byron Mora saved the penalty and kept Costa Rica in the lead.

19:362 hours ago


FINE! A penalty kick is awarded to Jamaica for a foul by Julián Gomez in the penalty area.

19:252 hours ago


After the goal, Jamaica pulls ahead but leaves enough room for Tico, who are already looking to surprise and score a second goal.

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19:162 hours ago


Costa Rica has come to dominate the second half and is already touching Jamaica’s goal in search of the first.

19:042 hours ago


Start the second half.

18:493 hours ago


We go into the break with a goalless draw at the Francisco Morazán stadium.

18:453 hours ago


Added 4 more minutes.

18:413 hours ago


The ball fought a lot in the center of the field, both teams play on the attack, but without much danger.

18:313 hours ago


Costa Rica governs the game and there is already a constant struggle going on in midfield. They improve Tykos in search of the first.

18:213 hours ago


Jamaica retains control of the ball, but Tiko are beginning to regulate action and are already starting to generate dangerous plays.

18:203 hours ago


The yellow card is shown to Dorian Rodriguez of Costa Rica.

18:093 hours ago


A great start for the Jamaicans who have already made the ball and want to inflict damage right from the start.

18:023 hours ago


The match will start at the Francisco Morazana stadium.

17:444 hours ago

About the beginning

We are a few minutes from the start of the presentation of the game and previous protocols.

17:424 hours ago

Jamaican squad!

17:384 hours ago

Costa Rica squad!

17:334 hours ago

From the bench!

These are the players who will come off the bench for both teams:
Costa Rica: Avraham Madriz, Keral Rios, Brandon Calderon, Andrei Salmeron, Kreichel Perez, Josimar Alcocer, Hostin Telleria, Joel Aleman and Eniel Escoe.
Jamaica: Ricardo Watson, Jadon Anderson, Jamon Barclay, Louis Watson, Jamari Clark, Koby Thomas, Alexander Bicknell and Chad James.

17:284 hours ago


The arbitrage notation for this match is as follows:
Central referee: Ivan Barton

17:244 hours ago

Here’s Reggie Boys!

17:094 hours ago

What to win?

The 2022 CONCACAF Under-20 World Championship is the last qualifying round for the North American region before the 2023 CONCACAF Under-20 World Championship in Indonesia. , the two finalists will qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. For their part, the best team will become the regional champion in this category.

17:014 hours ago

Like this!

Less than an hour is left before the start of the match between Costa Rica and Jamaica at the Francisco Morazan stadium. Both teams will go in search of victory. Who’s gonna do it tonight? Follow our reports on VAVEL.

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Stay tuned to follow this game!

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Where to watch the game?

As a reminder, the game will be televised via TUDN and you can also follow it online via the TUDN signal.
If you want to follow him online, VAVEL is your best option.

00:0921 hour ago

Jewison Bennett, a must-see player!

00:0421 hour ago

How does Costa Rica arrive?

The Costa Rica team arrives at the U-20 World Cup with a mission that its players continue to develop and show that the Tico team is one of the rivals to beat in the area. The youth representative must receive one of the tickets to the U-20 World Championship in Indonesia and compete for a place in the Olympic Games. Some of the names that will follow this team are: Juison Bennett, Brandon Calderon, Keral Rios and Andrei Soto, all these youngsters have developed in the Costa Rican first division and this will be their opportunity to show their high level to try and find a place in the international team . This generation should strive to be part of the Tico team that will compete for a place at the 2026 World Cup and make their team one of the best in the region. Costa Rica knows what it means to win this tournament, having done it twice in 1988 and 2009.

11:59 days ago

Tyler Roberts, must-see player!

11:54 days ago

How did Jamaica get here?

The Jamaican national team is starting a new football process in the U-20 category, the Reggae Boyz are gradually growing in football in the region, and this generation will be an important part of the entire qualification process for the 2026 World Cup. Some interesting names from this generation are Tyler Roberts, Jamari Clarke, Luke Badley-Morgan and Dexter Lembikisa, all of whom developed in the lower divisions of the Premier League. This generation should begin to show the growth that the Jamaican team in the area is slowly seeing. The mission of the Reggae Boyz is to take one of the 6 places at the 2026 World Cup and get into the top 5 of CONCACAF.

11:44 days ago


Good day to all WAVEL readers! Welcome to live Costa Rica vs. Jamaica match corresponding to the 1st match of Group D of the 2022 CONCACAF Under-20 Preliminary World Championship. The match will take place at the Francisco Morazán Stadium at 18:00.

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