Hannah Gadsby criticizes Netflix over Dave Chappelle scandal

Humorist Hannah Gadsby was popular in Australia before her 2018 comedy special Nanette debuted on Netflix and made her a household name.

In an interview with Hollywood Reportershe openly discussed her feud with the controversial comedian Dave Chappelle and Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos.

Hannah Gadsby takes a swing at Ted Sarandos amid Dave Chappelle scandal

Hannah Gadsby at the premiere of Hamilton on the red carpet in Australia

After Chappelle came under fire for his Netflix comedy Closer, Ted Sarandos called Hannah one of the most diverse content the streaming service has to offer.

Hannah clapped her hands Instagram, writing, “Hi Ted Sarandos. Just a quick note to let you know that I’d rather you not drag my name into your mess. Now I have to deal with even more hate and anger that Dave Chappelle fans love to unleash on me every time Dave gets $20 million to process his emotionally retarded partial worldview.”


She continued, “You almost didn’t pay me enough to deal with the real consequences of the dog whistling hate speech you refuse to acknowledge, Ted. F is you and your cult of the immoral algorithm.

When asked about her comments, Hannah doubled down, saying, “So this is how you tell the truth to power. You don’t get attached to it. You don’t cling to power.”

Hannah Gadsby opens up about her relationship with Netflix following these allegations

Hannah Gadsby at the 17th Annual Helpmann Awards

When asked if it harmed her relationship with Netflix, Gadsby replied, “Well, under their terms it shouldn’t, because it’s my artistic expression. And if they don’t like it, maybe Netflix isn’t the right place for them to work. According to Netflix, there are no lines in comedies. So everything I say is a joke. So if they don’t like what I’m saying, then maybe they don’t fully believe what I’m saying.”

She said that Netflix has a line, “and that’s the point. It has nothing to do with their culture. It’s just something that will make money, and it doesn’t inspire me. I wouldn’t write a show like Nanette if it motivated me.”

When asked if there will be any more Netflix specials in her future, Hanna replied, “A lot of talk. I don’t sit down with Ted, do I? Probably not now.” She joked that “he might be a little scared of me,” adding, “That’s right, Ted. Fair.”

Hannah Gadsby unsure about returning to Netflix given drama

Hannah Gadsby at the premiere of Hamilton on the red carpet in Australia

Considering the controversy, Hannah said she was “double-minded” about rekindling her relationship with Netflix.

“First, people have Netflix. And so, perhaps by posting content on this [platform that] not so deeply transphobic, would be a good place to post my work,” she said. “I am not motivated by where my work is in the streaming service. I am a performer. Netflix gave me the opportunity to build my audience, which I’m grateful for, but I don’t owe it.”

“I don’t know where I am right now because I’m on tour and I can only do one thing at a time, but like most things in this world, it’s not black and white,” she added. “There is no right decision, there is no wrong decision.”

Hanna told what she would do if she met Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais at BBC Radio 2

While Dave Chappelle is a controversial comedy figure, so is Ricky Gervais. He received criticism for his own Netflix special that he released earlier this year.

When asked if she crossed paths with Gervais, Hannah replied, “No. By the time I started, he didn’t need to stand up. His British world was pre-mine, but I’m aware of his comedy if that’s what you’re after.”

Hannah Gadsby at the premiere of Hamilton on the red carpet in Australia

When asked what she would say if she ran into him at an awards show, Hannah replied, “I’m the kind of person to whom it doesn’t matter because people don’t talk to me.”

“I really have inexhaustible energy, and I really like it. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to talk to him because I just don’t think it makes any sense,” she added. “He made a decision. He doesn’t look like a subtle thinker. I don’t think we can solve problems behind the scenes of the awards ceremony. He’s ready. He won’t change his mind. So why bother?”

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