GOING FOR FIRST: 2 wins this weekend could take Lady Lancers to division lead

ROCHESTER, New York. In a 10-game season, every competition counts.

It’s just that some become more important than others as the campaign progresses.

That’s why the Rochester Lady Lancers’ two games this season could decide their season in women’s unified football.

If the Lancers, who finished in third place (3-1-1, 10 points), beat home side Buffalo (4-1-1, 13) on Friday night and Berlin at home at the Aquinas Institute on Sunday at 2:00 p.m.: 00, they would go on to top the Penn-New York division and only games remained in the season. Rochester are preparing a game against Buffalo, which will host Pittsburgh Hotspurs on Sunday.

“This is an important weekend for us,” Rochester head coach Adam Schwartz said Wednesday night. “We’re going to train tonight and then we’ll just get ready.

“The match with Buffalo is essentially for first place. Wherever we beat them, I think we will be even with them on points. However, we would beat them twice. And once we lost to them, which put us ahead.”

The Lady Lancers opened the season with a 4-0 loss at Buffalo on May 28, but bounced back on June 5 with a 2-0 win at home in their first game.

With Rochester playing two games within 43 hours, Schwartz will need to rotate his starting lineup and use substitutions wisely.

It certainly won’t hurt the Lady Lancers given how strong their team has been this season.

“This weekend, we will certainly rely on the full squad of our players,” said Schwartz. “We explain to the players that even if you enter the field as a substitute, you can have a significant impact on the game. We expect the standard to remain extremely high.”

Case in point:

Taylor Ash came off the bench early in the second half and scored the winning goal in Rochester’s 1-0 win over Pittsburgh last Saturday, June 18.

Since opening the season in Buffalo, the Lady Lancers are undefeated in four games (3-0-1). The only draw was a 2-2 draw away at the Erie Commodores on 12 June. Since the beginning of the season, the team has grown by leaps and bounds.

“I think in the first game, and it’s not disrespectful to our players or our coaching staff, we were a bit disorganized in the sense that we had a lot of players and we didn’t always see them play a lot,” he said. Schwartz. “We haven’t trained them much. So it was a real learning experience. But since then, we’ve been able to get our entire lineup together and get them to play together and just get to know each other’s tendencies. This is a great thing to get to the inclinations of your teammates. What are their strengths? What areas are they concerned about? And work together as a team to highlight everyone’s strengths.”

The last four regular season games of the Lady Lancers are played at home.

In the 2022 season, admission is free.

In lieu of purchasing a ticket, fans are encouraged to donate to the Rochester Breast Cancer Coalition. You can donate to the coalition at

Bounce houses and in-game promotions will be organized for the whole family.

The Aquinas Institute is located at 1127 Dewey Ave., Rochester, NY.

For complete information on Lady Lancers visit

The Rochester Lancers are the oldest professional football brand in the United States, with their inaugural season in the American Football League in 1967.

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