From Borgen to Peaky Blinders: What’s New on Netflix in June?


Summer is here, which means it’s time for long, lazy weekends and relaxing vacations.

Whatever you have planned, Netflix will help you. Whether you’re hoping to hone your language skills with international thrillers or watching the sixth episode of Peaky Blinders, here’s the best of what’s coming to the streaming platform this month.

Netflix Originals

Borgen – Power and glory

The cult Danish hit is back and the political stakes are higher than ever. Birgitte Nyborg has returned to government as Denmark’s first female prime minister, but has trouble putting out fires both at home and abroad. This season, she is fighting for oil in the Danish protectorate of Greenland: in a timely manner.

Exit June 2


Get ready for some nervous breakdowns in this tense thriller. In this film, Elsa Pataky plays Captain J.J. Collins, who finds herself in charge of an interceptor missile base in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. However, things quickly go wrong when she meets Alexander Kessel, who wants to use the base to carry out a terrible plan… can she stop him?

Coming out June 3

First kill

Who said vampires are out of fashion? This supernatural series for teenagers has already been described as “Twilight meets Romeo and Juliet”). It follows teenagers Juliet (a vampire) and Calliope (a vampire hunter): both are ready to commit their first murder, but they might just fall in love instead.

Coming June 10


Everyone needs more J.Lo in their lives, and luckily she’s back to bless us with more Netflix content – the first of several upcoming films. In this, Halftime, she takes us behind the scenes to a turbulent period in her life: the upcoming Superbowl Halftime 2019 show and the award race for her film Hustlers.

Coming June 14


This Portuguese-language series is one of several Brazilian titles that Netflix will release in the next few months. This one is about a young woman who moves into “a posh apartment building where she comes into contact with its quirky and suspicious residents.” Frightening.

Coming June 15


Chris Hemsworth is never less charismatic, but this movie might make you see him a little differently. In Spider Head, Hemsworth stars alongside Miles Teller as Steve Abnesti, a visionary scientist who experiments on inmates with mind-altering drugs without them knowing it.

Coming June 17

Love and ice cream

Based on the novel of the same name by Jenna Evans Welch, this film is (as the title suggests) a romantic comedy set in Italy. In it, an American high school graduate flies to Italy to fulfill her dying mother’s last wish. Naturally, things don’t quite go according to plan: in fact, love may appear on the horizon.

Coming June 20

The Umbrella Academy (Season 3)

Everyone’s favorite supernatural, dysfunctional family returns for their third round of time travel shenanigans. This time, the Hargreaves siblings must take on the Sparrow Academy, a parallel universe version of the Umbrella Academy with brand new siblings and brand new abilities. Besides, the world is coming to an end. Cue chaos.

Coming June 22

man vs bee

Ever wondered who would win if Rowan Atkinson fought a bee? Surprise no more: In this series, Atkinson plays a character next door to Mr. Bean, who gets into a situation with a pesky little insect. Each episode is ten minutes long, and it’s a whole day of failures and disasters.

Coming out June 24

New to Netflix

Injury locker

This iconic movie is finally heading to Netflix for you to enjoy. Starring Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Ralph Fiennes and others. The film is about an explosive ordnance disposal team stationed in Iraq during the war. Unfortunately for them, the team is targeted by the rebels and the situation quickly spirals out of control.

Exit June 1

The Incredible Spiderman

One of the recent iterations of the ever-rebooted franchise, starring Andrew Garfield as the award-winning webslinger. In this film, he gains his powers and confronts Rhys Ifans, who plays scientist Dr. Curt Connors. Naturally, Dr. Connors’ attempts to inject himself with the serum to replace his missing arm go as expected, and he transforms into the Lizard. Chaos is coming.

Exit June 1


Our hearts will live and live… like this movie. James Cameron’s award-winning blockbuster, as the title suggests, is about the passengers and crew aboard the doomed Titanic. Of particular interest are Jack and Rose, a couple on opposite sides of the road who mend their relationship in the weeks before the ship sinks. Bring fabrics.

Exit June 1

Peaky Blinders (season 6)

In the harsh middle of winter, Netflix blessed us with another episode of Peaky Blinders. In this final (and dare we say last?) season – now on Netflix, having migrated from the BBC – Tommy Shelby has more to worry about than ever before. Trying to keep the Peaky Blinders afloat, he has to fight Oswald Mosley, on the one hand, threats from newcomers and machinations within his own family …

Coming June 10


Judi Dench is always in shape, but she shines especially brightly in Philomena. Based on the 2009 book The Lost Child of Philomena Lee, the film follows Dench as Philomena, an Irish woman who gave her newborn son up for adoption as a teenager, and Steve Coogan plays Martin Sixsmith, a journalist trying to help her. Expect tears.

Coming June 20

Grey’s Anatomy (Season 18)

It’s a show that never dies, as ideally so do many of its patients. In episode eighteen, Meredith Gray’s team of doctors and medical staff deal with life-threatening injuries, personal drama, failed surgeries, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Working in a hospital has never felt so stressful.

Coming out June 18

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