From Ackendorff to Yanni, 130 devils on the commissioner’s list

runner and volleyball player

Christy Ackendorf (left) and Ethan Yanni (right) lead a group of honors students.

Fredonia’s student-athletes did a great job on the field and in the classroom. A total of 130 people received recognition on the Commissioner’s List. A 3.30 cumulative GPA for the spring semester was required to earn recognition. Here is the list of qualifying Blue Devils:

Ackendorf, Christy; Older; women’s volleyball; Business management; Amherst, New York

Ebersold, Matt; First year; men’s basketball; Business management; Geneva, Switzerland

Alesi, Sofia; Junior; women’s football; Communication Disorders and Sciences; Locust Valley

Ange, Parker; sophomore; men’s football; Business management; Rochester, New York

Odette, Isabella; Junior; women’s football; Sociology; Ballston Spa

Auer, Graciana; First year; women’s football; Biology; Lewiston

Avis, Camryn; sophomore; women’s cheerleading; Children’s education; Hamburg, New York

Bailey, Ryan; First year; Hockey, men; Accounting; Anchorage, Alaska

Barone, Makayla; First year; women’s cheerleading; Preschool education; Lancaster, New York

Barrett, Jordan; Junior; women’s football; Finance/Accounting; Wyoming, New York

Bigham, Patrick; Older; Baseball; Sports management; Rochester, New York

Birkeland, Cameron; sophomore; Hockey, men; Informatics; Milton, Minnesota.

Blackwell, Jake; sophomore; Hockey, men; Finance; Hamden, Connecticut.

Brady, Tessa; Older; women’s lacrosse; Psychology; Rochester, New York

Brown, Selena; Older; women’s volleyball; Biology; Queens

Buchko, Sydney; sophomore; women’s lacrosse; Inclusive education for children; Macedon, New York

Callahan, Erin; First year; women’s volleyball; Preschool education; Clarence Center

Caracciola, Jessica; Older; women’s football; Inclusive education for children; Locust Valley

Carr, Emily; Junior; women’s lacrosse; Collaborative Engineering; Conesus

Casey, Jared; Junior; Baseball; Applied math; Fair Oaks, California.

Chatt, Brian; Older; Baseball; computer information systems; lockport

Chelius, Emily; Junior; Softball; Preschool education; East Rockaway

Clark, Eleanor; Older; women’s volleyball/athletics; Preschool education; Hamburg, New York

Cockerel, Emma; First year; women’s lacrosse; Communication Disorders and Sciences; Eden

Collins, Aaron; First year; men’s basketball; Business management; Eri, Pa.

Cottrell, Samuel; Junior; Men’s Swimming/Athletics; the science of exercise; Walworth

Couleton, Mary; First year; women’s basketball; Finance; Oswego

D’Angelo, Diana; First year; Softball; Communication Disorders and Sciences; Lagrangeville

Daniels, Kaylee; Older; women’s football; Communication Disorders and Sciences; North Tonawanda

Davis, Morgan; Older; women’s basketball; Inclusive education for children; Allegany, New York

DeCola, Isabella; Junior; women’s lacrosse; the science of exercise; Elbridge

DeFay, Talia; Junior; women’s football; Finance; Rochester, New York

Dempsey, Brendan; sophomore; Hockey, men; criminal justice; Calgary, Alberta

Dixon, Alyssa; Junior; women’s athletics; Preschool education; East Aurora

Doctor, Mindy; sophomore; Women’s swimming; Teenage Education – Mathematics; Akron, New York

Doran, James; Junior; men’s football; Business management; Orchard Park

Emley, Olivia; First year; women’s volleyball; Children’s education; Olean

Galbraith, Vanessa; sophomore; Softball; Preschool education; geneseo

Gettino, Anthony; Older; Men’s Cross Country/Athletics; Sports Management/Communication; Camille

Gleason, Melanie; Older; Softball; the science of exercise; Bemus Point

Gloss, Elizabeth; sophomore; women’s cross country/athletics; political science; Kings Ferry

Grazen, Brianna; sophomore; women’s football; Inclusive education for children; Lancaster, New York

Gualtieri, Christopher; sophomore; Men’s athletics; Informatics; Leroy

Guidry, Megan; First year; Softball; Children’s education; Newburgh

Hagen, Kayla; sophomore; Women’s swimming; Inclusive education for children; Gasport

Hawkins, Adam; sophomore; Hockey, men; Finance; Raleigh, North Carolina

Dizzy, Halley; First year; Softball; Business Marketing; Highland Mills

Hess, Violet; First year; Women’s swimming; Psychology; Marion, New York

Hirschhout, Eric; Older; Hockey, men; Sports management; High Point, North Carolina

Hogan, Jacob; Junior; men’s basketball; Business management; Chardon, Ohio

Jerzak, Dalton; Junior; Hockey, men; the science of exercise; Webster

Johnson, Anders; Junior; Hockey, men; Biology, Salt Lake City, Utah

Jones, Emily; Older; women’s volleyball; Communication Disorders and Science, Plainfield, Illinois.

Keim, Sierra; Older; women’s volleyball; Communication Disorders and Sciences; Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania.

Keith, Andrew; sophomore; Hockey, men; Chemistry; Cumberland, Maine

Kelemen, Christine; Junior; women’s cross country/athletics; English education for teenagers; Bemus Point

Kinney, Anthony; Older; Baseball; Sports management; Niagara Falls, New York

Koller, Max; First year; Baseball; Finance; Western Seneca

Krchniak, Courtney; sophomore; women’s volleyball; Preschool education; lockport

Kremerman, Alon; sophomore; men’s basketball; Applied math; Tel Aviv, Israel

Kumro, Nicole; Older; Softball; Inclusive education for children; Chiktowaga

Kwiatkowski, Emily; Older; women’s football; Preschool education: foreign language; lake view

Kwoka, Kaylee; sophomore; Women’s swimming; Communication Disorders and Sciences; Tonawanda

Lee, Gregory; Junior; Hockey, men; Business; Aliso Viejo, California.

Lindamer, Alexis; Junior; women’s football; Biology; Lewiston, New York

Londonos, Brandon; Older; men’s football; Sports management; Depew

Malinowski, Justin; First year; Men’s Cross Country/Athletics; social studies adolescent education; Heating pads

Martello, Dominic; Older; women’s tennis; Earth sciences for teenagers; Linwood

McGowan, Molly; Junior; women’s lacrosse; Inclusive education for children; Orchard Park

Mendes, Aaron; sophomore; Men’s Cross Country/Athletics; Applied math; Buffalo

Mendes, Vincent; Junior; Men’s Cross Country/Athletics; Applied math; Tonawanda

Mezzoprete, Hannah; sophomore; Softball; Inclusive education for children; Rochester, New York

Mikli, Lauren; Older; women’s basketball; Chemistry; Danville, Ohio

Miske, Madeleine; Junior; women’s basketball; criminal justice; Buffalo

Mong, Helena; sophomore; women’s cheerleading; Communications/Public Relations; Williamsville

Murphy, Bridget; sophomore; women’s volleyball; Preschool education; Cattaraugus

Murray, Jake; First year; men’s football; Accounting; Hopewell Junction

Needham, Alexander; First year; Baseball; Communications/Video production; Westlake, Ohio

Nicola, Jacob; The first is yes; men’s football; Accounting; Youngstown, New York

Northey, Emmanuella; Older; women’s tennis; Journalism/Public Relations; Crown

Novak, Alix; Older; women’s cheerleading; Communication Disorders and Sciences; Angola

O’Leary, Sarah; Junior; women’s tennis; geology; Athens, New York

Arange, Megan; First year; Women’s swimming; Communication Disorders and Sciences; North Tonawanda

Park, Rene; sophomore; women’s basketball; the science of exercise; Union Springs

Payne, Madeline; First year; women’s football; Inclusive education for children; Buffalo

Peterman, Zachary; sophomore; Men’s Cross Country/Athletics; Humanitarian sciences; western valley

Pinewski, Alyssa; Fifth course; Softball; Inclusive education for children; Western Seneca

Pinewski, Amber; Fifth course; Softball; Inclusive education for children; Western Seneca

Pitcher, Cathy; Older; women’s basketball; Business management; Fulton

Polovi, MacKayla; Older; Women’s swimming; Biology; Silver Creek

Potter, Hannah; sophomore; women’s basketball; Inclusive education for children; Litchburg, Pennsylvania.

Preston, Sydney; Older; women’s athletics; medical technologies; Trumansburg

Proudfoot, Aiden; First year; men’s basketball; Business management; Corning

Richius, Sofia; Older; women’s football; Communication Disorders and Sciences; Penfield

Russo, Melanie; First year; women’s cheerleading; Physics/Engineering; Sinclairville

Raikhal, Vanessa; sophomore; women’s cross country/athletics; Accounting; Cameron

Santiago, Alyssa; sophomore; Softball; music therapy; Spring Glen

Schneider, Mark; Junior; Men’s athletics; Musical education; Endicott

Shotty, Jayden; First year; women’s basketball; Sports management; Hornell

Sexton, Kendall; First year; women’s football; Children’s education; Stitville

Shaughnessy, Brynn; Older; women’s volleyball; Inclusive education for children; Apalachin

Shearn, Kendall; Older; women’s lacrosse; Communications/Media Management/Public Relations; Hilton

Smith, Evelyn; sophomore; women’s cross country/athletics; Inclusive education for children; springville

Smith, Katherine; Older; women’s basketball; geology; red creek

Snyder, Caitlin; sophomore; women’s basketball/tennis; biochemistry; Utica

Spataro, Gianna; Older; women’s cheerleading; Humanitarian sciences; syracuse

Stravino, Marisa; Junior; women’s athletics; Communications: audio/radio production; East Northport

Sudbrink, David; sophomore; Hockey, men; State Accounting/Finance; Knolensville, Tennessee.

Sultana, Marisa; Fifth course; Softball; Preschool education; Manhasset

Suriani, Sabrina; Junior; women’s football; Psychology; Manlius

Surma, Isabella; Junior; women’s tennis; Biology; Dunkirk

Tarantelli, Alyssa; First year; Women’s swimming; Children’s education; Victor

Taylor, Brian; First year; men’s football; Education; East Patchog

Tomasello, Ted; sophomore; Men’s athletics; Humanitarian sciences; East Aurora

Tytler, Collin; First year; women’s cross country/athletics; Biology; Rochester, New York

Wallas, Jacob; First year; men’s football; Business management; Wheat field

Villante, Samantha; Junior; women’s cheerleading; Social work; Rochester, New York

Wagner, Sam; Older; men’s football; Finance; Williamsville

Walsh, Camron; First year; men’s football; Humanitarian sciences; lake view

Walsh, Liam; First year; men’s football; Humanitarian sciences; lake view

Wandell, Ellie; First year; Softball; Preschool education; Newark Valley

Webster, Evelyn; sophomore; Softball; Children’s education; Marcellus

Whitman, Bryce; Junior; Hockey, men; Sports management; Reading, Pa.

Witters, Christina; Junior; women’s athletics; Biology; Webster

Wojcik, Matthew; Junior; Baseball; Business; Western Seneca

Wojnowski, Suzanne; Junior; women’s football; the science of exercise; Rochester, New York

Woodring, Courtney; sophomore; women’s cheerleading; Communication/Media Management; Eden

Wright, Alena; First year; women’s basketball; Communication Disorders and Sciences; Fulton

Woolf, Alexis; sophomore; Softball; Biology; Cattaraugus

Yanni, Ethan; Junior; Men’s Cross Country/Athletics; social studies adolescent education; Dunkirk

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