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KANSAS CITY, Kansas — Union Omaha’s magical US Open Cup win ended with a 6-0 loss to Sporting Kansas City in the quarter-finals on Wednesday, June 22 at Children’s Mercy Park as the hosts ended their second-half onslaught . in destruction.

“Amazing game atmosphere, just incredible,” said Union Omaha head coach Jay Mims. “It was packed and it’s amazing for Kansas City, for a stadium on a Wednesday night, it’s unbelievable. And most importantly for our fans, and I think they definitely helped with the environment.”

Mims added that this experience will help the team in the fight against rivals in the first league.

“I think the tape will be such a wonderful tool,” he said. “I’m just proud of the guys for the run we had.”

Mims also hopes that the experience will continue to generate interest in Omaha for Owls.

“I think a lot of fans came from Omaha who may not have known much about football but loved our team, our club, our city,” Mims said. “And they saw a real stadium, a real setting, a real match and saw a lot of goals.”

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He said he couldn’t thank the crowd enough.

“As you saw, they said they would come out and they went out,” he said. “Oh my gosh, I wish we could keep it to our hearts or get a result, but it seemed like they were still having a great time singing and chanting and having adult drinks and it looked amazing.”

Mims added that even despite the defeat, the momentum continues to build and it was “amazing.”

Sporting K.C. was at the forefront for most of the half, but Union Omaha had the first two chances.

At first, Hugo Kametani went one on one with Sporting goalkeeper John Pulskamp, ​​but was “indecisive” and could not score. Then in the fifth minute the ball fell on Kemal Malcolm. The striker landed a shot that went through Pulskamp’s hands, but the save did enough to slow the shot down and the game went nil.

“He’s right there and the goalkeeper is choking him in some way,” Mims said. “If we can increase the score 1-0, it will be a completely different game. And after that they were just incredible.”

Five minutes later, Hiri Shelton made a great pass on goal that hit the leg of Daniel Salloi, who gave Sporting KC a 1-0 lead with an easy finish.

Over the next 27 minutes, Los Bujos slowed down Sporting magnificently, but the hosts again broke through from the corner. A cross from Felipe Hernandez was thrown past Rashid Nuhu by Courtna Ford, and the hosts went 2-0.

In the second half, Los Bujos simply could not cope with Sporting, who scored in the 52nd (Salloy), 55th (Shelton), 66th (Hernandez) and 80th minutes (Hernandez) and defeated Omaha 6-0.

Mims said the Owls didn’t beat themselves and that Sporting K.C. is “class”.

“They were in class today,” he said. “They were super, super good… They must be unstoppable with the crowd behind them.”

After their run at the US Open Cup ended in a difficult fashion, Union Omaha can now focus solely on their USL League One campaign, though Mims said it will take time to come back from the loss in Kansas City.

“It will take some time,” he said. “This is both good and bad, it’s all over. The bad reason is that it’s over and we were a couple of games away from the trophy… But the good news is that now we can focus on the league and now it’s too hard to focus.” on both.”

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