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Gretna Soccer’s Savannah Defini and Joey Witt won the MVP in their respective games during the Grade A Nebraska High School Soccer High School Showcase at Omaha Skutt on Saturday.

In the women’s game, DeFini started the scoring for the Specialtees lightweight team. Dragons teammates Chaley French played a back-to-back game that DeFini stumbled on and hit the net for a 1-0 lead.

Omaha teammates Marian Emma Prososki and Hannah Tate scored back-to-back goals for the Cardscapes Omaha dark team, who took a 2-1 lead at half-time.

After the break, DeFini made a low cross into the box, which was completed by Lincoln Southeast’s Rachel Warrick to tie the score at 2.

Then, with 14 minutes remaining, the connection to start the scoring was reversed as DeFiny helped French put the lightweight team ahead 3-2.

“It’s a good dynamic duo, a great way to go out,” said French.

Less than a minute later, the dark team equalized again.

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The last 13 minutes were scoreless and the game went to a penalty shootout. In the penalty spot, French, Definy and Sydney Lost took the penalty and the Specialtees won 5-4.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Lost, who will attend the University of Kansas next fall. “It wasn’t taken too seriously, but it’s good to have the last game. It’s very bittersweet and I’m glad I got to play with some of my high school teammates and the girls I know from the club. So (it was) definitely good.”

French and DeFeeney are heading to Illinois to continue playing football, French is heading to Illinois State, and DeFeeney is heading to Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. The two will meet as opponents on August 8 in Normal, Illinois at 6:00 pm.

“It was a lot of fun to be selected and a huge honor,” Defini said. “I will definitely miss the team, the atmosphere, the players and the support I have had over the years and it was just great to play the last time and we came out great and scored some goals. Chaley and I get up together in the morning, so we just talked about it, we’re like, this is our last time we play together.”

“It’s a huge honor,” French said. “And it’s just great to see everyone get together and have fun and play the last high school football game.”

“They put on a show tonight,” said Gretna head coach Chace Hutchison, who coached the Specialtees on Saturday. “It’s nice to see one last time before they head off to college in about three weeks. … Every moment with them is great. All three of them, Chaley, Savannah DeFini and Syd, are just people with very good character, they will achieve great things in college and then in the next phase of their lives. They’re great players, it’s been a fantastic year with them and getting another game isn’t something every manager can do. So it’s a big blessing for me.”

After the girls’ game ended, the boys’ game began with a flurry of Neurology Consultants’ lightweight team scoring three goals in the first 36 minutes to take the lead.

But with one minute left in the first half, Gretna’s Joey Witt scored with a right-footed strike to close the gap to 3-1 at half-time.

Soccer Internationale scored a second goal halfway through the second half and Witt found the net again, equalizing 3–3 in the hydration break with 19:24 left.

A fourth goal with ten minutes left gave the dark team a 4–3 lead, which they kept to win. After scoring two goals, Witt received the MVP award.

“Honestly, it means the world,” Witt said. “I can’t believe this is the last time I’m wearing this shirt. Just a sea of ​​emotions. Winning the state was a good way to finish the job, but it’s even better.”

Witt, along with teammates in Gretna, and on Saturday Alec Scharff and Carson Poole, will continue to play together at Benedictine University in Atchison, Kanas.

“I’m excited,” Witt said. “I think it’s good because we all push each other to get better. … It’s great to continue my career with my boys, they push me, it’s just a good relationship.”

“He’s so special,” Scharff said. “I will play with my best friends for another four years. And given how much we’ve won together and all that, hopefully we’ll win even more there. It’s so fun to think about.”

“I think it’s really cool to be in this with both of them and it will make things a lot easier for you,” Poole added. “I’ll have two familiar faces with me, I think we’ll just be able to get into this together, not alone, obviously.”

For both Scharff and Poole, getting to wear the Gretna jersey for the last time was a special experience.

“The whole thing was really cool, and being able to wear it one last time was really cool,” Poole said.

“It’s sad, but it was fun,” Scharff added. “We went to the top of the state and everything, so it was a little fun last time.”

The three Gretna players were also last coached by their high school head coach Tyler Ortlieb, who said he wants to make sure he and his staff coach the dark team.

“They meant a lot throughout the season,” Ortlieb said. “Over the past four years, they have managed to entertain themselves not only with football, but also off the field, bantering back and forth. So seeing these guys play in their uniform for the last time was special.”

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