First Colonial’s Carly Minson reprises after another stellar season for Top Patriots

Doubling down on her talent, Carly Minson set a season record for goals and assists by leading the best women’s football team at Hampton Roads.

“You can’t talk too much about what she does in training,” First Colonial coach Joe Teusey said. “Not only football, but also physically in the gym, working with weights, running, working out. All these things are behind the scenes.”

Whether it was a rehearsal or the main event, Minson beamed. She led the Patriots to their second consecutive Class 5 State Finals, where they lost 1–0 after a first-half penalty. The team finished with 17 wins and was undefeated by 757 opponents.

For scoring, distribution and substantial leadership, Minson is the All-Tidewater Girls Player of the Year for the second straight season.

“I’m very grateful for the positive relationships and incredible team culture we built last season,” said Minson, who will play at Longwood this fall, “and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love all my teammates and how close we are. I told them to keep their heads up high and we’ll be back to what it was next year and years to come.”

Minson’s 34 goals and 14 assists were a career high as she finished with 75 goals and 29 assists in three seasons (her sophomore year was canceled due to the pandemic).

“I had no idea what my career would be like looking back,” Minson said. “On the way home after my last game, I thought back to all the times we had good games, bad games, and the team culture we’ve built over the last four years is incredible. I still keep in touch with some of the seniors when I was a freshman. I had the best experience possible.”

Contact and networking were Minson’s main goals as a leader. She monitored the mood of the team, communicated with the coaching staff when problems arose, and had a calming influence in the most tense moments.

Her senior project for the legal studies academy First Colonial was about athletes and mental health.

“I definitely think it’s very important to have a balanced person,” Minson said. “I would describe myself as such. We have many larger personalities. I never want to yell at my teammates and tell them everything they are doing wrong. We are all accountable. In the end, our entire team is responsible for their actions. Everyone on the teams knows that if there is a problem, they can turn to me.”

And she will return to them.

“I’ll be back next year to help with training when I get back from college,” Minson said, “and I told them I’m always available to text or call.”

Ray Nimmo, [email protected]

All-Tidewater Girls Football Player of the Year

2022 – Carly Minson, First Colonial

2021 – Carly Minson, First Colonial

2020 – Season canceled due to pandemic

2019 – Kaylee Kozlowski, Kellam

2018 – Idelis Vasquez, First Colonial

2017 – Star White, Maury

2016 – Star White, Maury

2015 – Darby Moore, Maury

2014 – Alani Johnson, Cape Henry

2013 – Alani Johnson, Cape Henry

2012 – Brittany Krause, Cox

2011 – Jesse Klamuth, Cox

2010 – Jesse Klamuth, Cox

2009 – Emory Camper, Cox

2008 – Brittany Michels, Kellam

2007 – Kristen Carden, Cox

2006 – Lisa Woodward, Cox

2005 – Chichi Nweke, Princess Anne

2004 – Meredith Gehrig, Cox

2003 – Kristen Furlow, Kellam

2002 – Amanda Sviader, Cox

2001 – Amanda Sviader, Cox

2000 – Mindy Nixon, Princess Anne

1999 – Sally Harrison, Kempsville

1998 – Amy Caddy, Princess Anne

1997 – Lauren Rafal, Kempsville

1996 – Angela Hughels, Norfolk Academy

1995 – Angela Hughels, Norfolk Academy

1994 – Angela Hughels, Norfolk Academy

1993 – Amy Rosenbaum, First Colonial

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