Failed World Cup bid is the biggest loss of the year in Denver sports

Does Denver consider the Stanley Cup final a big event? It was a twist and miss in becoming the host city of the World Cup in 2026.

Tommy, Boulder

keyes: This is the worst sports defeat of the year in Colorado. And there is no second place. The World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, and Denver seemed to think all we had to do was set up a circus tent in the parking lot next to Elitch Gardens, toss a few Rocky Mountain oysters on the grill, and wipe out the Broncos logo. from the field in our football stadium. Denver should be ashamed that our dusty old cowtown was eliminated by Kansas City as one of the 11 tournament venues in the United States.

It is a pity that the World Championship will not be held in Denver, which is more than suitable to be the host city. Keyes, what was wrong here? Who dropped the (soccer) ball?

John, Denver

keyesA: I was present in October when FIFA officials heard the proposal from the Denver bid committee. Other than an impassioned speech by former USMNT Guardian Tim Howard, everyone’s presentation, including Mayor Michael Hancock, was boring at best. The press conference in honor of the football kings was to be held against the backdrop of our mountains, and the celebration was to be enlivened by music, balloons, maybe even dancing elks. Instead, it took place in a room devoid of natural light in the bowels of Empower Field on Mile High, and it all seemed as tired and rusty as your grandfather’s Oldsmobile.

Kickball is not very popular here in Colorado. We need a new $8 billion sports complex with an 80,000-seat indoor stadium to overcome this fact. The Walmart family will save us.

Michael, snarkmaster

keyes: Congratulations. You have won the dummy of the week. (Your trophy is in the mail.) From Clint Dempsey’s goal to win the Snow Clasico in 2013 to the heroism of Colorado’s Ethan Horvath during last year’s Nations Cup Final, some of the most iconic moments in USMNT history happened right here. , in our fair condition. Denver didn’t need a big stadium to win the World Cup. All it took was less arrogance and more imagination.

Hey Keese. When is someone going to do something about the four-year-old stink coming from Coors Field? Acquiring Chris Bryant and others in the off-season is a huge flop and the team is heading towards yet another last place. It’s nice to see the front office as incompetent as ever, with their internal promotion of sycophants and misfits. The Rockies are the most dysfunctional organization in all of baseball. It’s not even close.

Ben is angry

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