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The Five do not remember 1928, the last time England was shelled at home in such a terrible situation. happy embarrassing fashion, but Great Grandpa Fives is still in full rage and talks about this terrible day every March 31st. Ninety-four years ago, Henry Hilless and company lost to the Alexs of Scotland, Jackson scored a hat-trick and James scored a double. How could we forget such a day?

One can only wonder how a nation could recover from such a monumental blow. That day it was just a pointless friendly between England and Scotland at Wembley, as opposed to something as serious as the UEFA Nations League match in mid-June at Molineux. The defeat comes at the end of four matches in 11 days and a grueling season for most of the participants. The Fiver suggests that the season will inevitably be officially renewed for MAIN REVIEW™. The team included a right-back on the left flank, an inexperienced midfielder and even a West Ham player. All this was a kind of experiment in the hope of saving the legs of the unfortunate souls forced to be part of this squad. We need to make sure this never happens again.

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Anyway, it’s late in the evening and the ‘You’ll be Fired in the Morning’ crew turned out to be wrong about Gareth Southgate because of those cowards in the FA. In 1928, the suits themselves chose a team and continued to do so until 1946, which should have given Southgate some hope that he would hold out in his job for some time. Southgate may have helped England reach the semi-finals of the World Cup and then the final of the European Championship, but the imminent elimination from Group A of Pot 3 Subsection Q of the Nations League really offended critics who missed the last week or two. . They need not worry: in a few weeks the season will start again.


“The other day I came out of the game thinking that I would turn gray here so early. You feel like you can score and concede in the same phase of the game. It’s fast; it is through; it’s transitional. Probably not much desire to hold the ball,” Casey Stoney strikes up a conversation with Sophie Downey about adapting to life as a manager in the US! USA!! USA!!! with the San Diego wave.

Staying stylish in San Diego.
Staying stylish in San Diego. Photograph: Meg Oliphant/Getty Images


“I’m far from telling The Fiver how to do your job, but you missed the best part of Andrew Redmayne’s (yesterday’s Fiver) heroic penalty shootout. Peru’s Pedro Gallese had numerous notes written on a water bottle about the Socceroos’ fiery penalties in the time-honored “cheat for the honors” manner. The first thing Redmayne scored a bottle of Gallese. and yet in the stands. The arrival of a new penalty keeper will excite anyone, but not as much as unceremoniously throwing away your cheat sheet seconds before an important test. Forgive me for the pleasure: we are still guaranteed to leave the group stage with three defeats in a row, ”Adam Osborne.

[#EXCLUSIVO⚠️] La cámara de Movistar Deportes captó el preciso momento en que el arquero de Australia Andy Redmayne jugó sucio contra Pedro Gallese y la Selección Peruana.🇦🇺🇵🇪

Más imágenes a RAS DE CANCHA hoy desde las 21:00 en #ZoneMixta (003 and 703 on HD).

— Movistar Deportes (@MovistarDeporPe) June 15, 2022

“If previously ITV shows have historically been a death kiss for England, what is Channel 4 doing then?” — Andy Taylor.

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Max, Barry and the Pod Squad are back on the road. Last Remaining tickets for live performances in June and July can be purchased here.


Four men are in custody after a policeman was attacked near Molineux before England beat Hungary 4-0.

Former Liverpool and Newcastle midfielder Danny Guthrie has been declared bankrupt after amassing £120,000 in gambling debt.

Costa Rica manager Luis Fernando Suarez feels justified for convincing old players like Keylor Navas and Brian Ruiz to stay in the national team after New Zealand’s 1-0 defeat and qualify for the World Cup of Human Rights. “This band is amazing, I can’t describe it,” he described. “This is an exciting human group.”

Happy Costa Rica Fans,
Happy fans of Costa Rica. Photo: Xinhua/Rex/Shutterstock

Gianluigi Donnarumma isn’t particularly thrilled by the hackers who ask him about the screams he made in the 5-2 win against Germany. – When was that before? he signaled, tripping over his own shoelaces. “If we want to cause controversy over these things, then fine… if you want to blame me, fine, I’ll take the blame, I’m the captain and I keep walking with my head held high.”

La Liga is clearly still unhappy about not signing Kylian Mbappe, complaining to UEFA that PSG and Manchester City continue to violate the FFP. “La Liga believes that these practices are changing the ecosystem and sustainability of football, harming all European clubs and leagues, and serve only to artificially inflate the market, while the money is not generated in football itself,” Javier Tebas snorted.

Liverpool striker Darwin Nunes, worth £85m, signed a six-year deal and bolstered his ability by capturing the number 27 shirt vacated by club legend and Big Goals scorer Divock Origi.

After spending his best years playing bass for Manchester United when he was supposed to be lead guitarist, Paul Pogba is set to sign a £7m-a-season deal to get noodles back at Juventus.

Nottingham Forest are sniffing out a loan deal for Dean Henderson.

And Christian Eriksen’s future is up in the air. “I would like to play [Big Cup] football again, he was delighted. “I know how fun it is, but it’s not necessary for me.” Plus, considering he’s been linked to a move to Old Trafford.


Rating Go Go Power! Nick Ames and Ed Aarons manage the last 32 HRWC teams.

They have power and strength...
They have power and strength… Composite: Getty/Reiter/Rex

Which manager has the worst track record of winning European finals? Knowledge knows.

Stephen Pye brings the dial back to 1984 and remembers when Billy Bingham’s Northern Ireland won the last British home championship.

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